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  1. It's over and I walked away with 1 of the 2 coins I was bidding on... This one is mine This one I was not so lucky with. I was going to get in but the price skyrocketed out of my price range in a hurry... Overall strong money was paid for things that are simply not in the condition for the money. I'm strictly referring to the Soviet era stuff. Even the 1923 Chervonetz in AU brought in almost $3,000 Seems high, knowing a seller asking less for a mint state example... Oh, well... At least I'm finished with my 50 Rouble gold. I'm hoping this coin will get PF69UCAM at NGC. I
  2. I'm bidding on some Soviet coins in that auction. Wish me luck! I'll post here once I know the results...
  3. I have the Ballerina and the Triumphant Arch both in their capsules. They look like they were placed on some surface with vertical lines and now theres some dust or residue of those lines. I technically only need a 1988 # Rouble Serebrenick Vladimira. Rusty
  4. Are you looking for perfect coins? I have 2 with minor imperfections...
  5. Most people collected foreign coins from what I remember. It was also possible to get your hands on Czarist coins and paper money if you knew who to ask Gold fillings and teeth are mostly Czarist gold 5/10 Rouble coins. It's not like you could go and buy a few grams of gold for your teeth!!!
  6. I still have my old Rouble and World coin collection in the original folder from the former Soviet Union. They are mostly well circulated examples that my father and I collected. When I go to their house, I'll snap some photo's for the forum to see...
  7. I think the only collectible Rouble were the proof issues.
  8. Almost all were circulated. As soon as one was spent cashiers usually hoarded them for family members. It's like the SBA and the Ike dollars. They circulated but then most were hoarded. I remember asking in a store if they had metal Rubles... Rusty
  9. I think that the Olympic Gold issues are readily available in US. Platinum issues are allot more scarce than Gold, I'm sure the reason is simply the price of the metal. Both of the above tend to sell for few bucks above spot. The 1988 - 1991 precious metal commemoratives are allot more scarce with mintages ranging from a high of 25,000 coins per issue for the 50 Rouble gold coins and as low as 6,500 per issue for some of the 25 Rouble Palladium issues. 88-91 coins tend to bring almost double the spot if you can find them. For example, Let's take a current eBay Platinum coin listing:
  10. No problem. I'm positive that not everyone here can read Russian. I'd hate for this thread to become a spitting war between 2 collectors. Rusty.
  11. Maybe I'm confused... I'm a member of some Russian Coin Forums and everyone tells me that these coins can be found, it's a matter of the price someone is willing to pay. Are they readily available? The answer is always "No". I understand that I can get it here from PandaAmerica and from eBay but we're discussing availability in Russia. As far as my coins are concerned: I will not be selling them back to Russia or anywhere else. The idea of slabbing is to protect these beautiful coins from mis-handling... I've had the plastic capsules fall apart when turning the page of the pack
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