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I finally got the scanner (and myself) working. I have been on a posting frenzy the past few days. I finally passed sslamet, superbeast1098, Amaxwellfriedman and MisterMcDoo. I'm breathing down Tiffibunny's neck. So look out, here I come.


I have so enjoyed looking at all the notes in the other collections.

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Mainer 1014 1743

Dave 990 1539

Joksa 770 933

The_Continental_Army 509 753

scoutjim99 481 312

kuhli 423 507

Pinoynotes 357 1051

nonamateur 350 418

hubacseq 340 706

drspp 335 423

UkrainaDvi 281 169

shawniskandar 257 811

Tane 247 164

Bukin 216 193

Tiffibunny 163 373

labmom 162 721


You go girl, bring it on :ninja:

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Rock on, Beth !!! :ninja:

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A nice collection indeed!


However, I see that you have a bit of competition cropping up in the last couple weeks. I think that you might have to watch the list below as well as above! Right now here's the ordered list of the latest 'frenzy' posters:










I wonder who will win?


Good luck!

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