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I'm off!


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I'm leaving today to go to my grandmothers house for the holiday. Normally, I wouldnt post anything about this on a forum such as this...But I'm taking my collection with me! All of my albums and everything! While up there, I plan on going and hitting the flea market, like every other time. Also, the reason I'm taking everything is...I have some to give to my grandma, and my grandma has TONS of silver!!! She has nearly $200 face vaule in quarters alone. And she has halves, dimes, and war nickels too! She is going to load me up with some!!

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You seem to have a very nice grandma ;) I got my first foreign coins from my grandma, she used to travel a lot.


Have a nice holiday, I hope you find great coins! :ninja:

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Me too, the coins from my late uncle's collection are the ones that will never be sold.



I can't say i've ever got many coins that way, very few to be sure.


My father did give me a tinful (well not exactly full) shortly after i'd taken an interest in coins (these were mostly junkbox world coins). Out of that tin i think i've only kept about a dozen coins, a few modern French (no idea why), some Spanish of Franco and the two US coins i got a 1944 Washington Quarter (which is to blame for setting me off on those) and a 1953 Franklin. (Dunno why i never started on the Franklins though). I got some nice Victorian coins and Geo III penny, the Geo III 1807 penny is the only one left with me.


I did get some other coins from my late great, great uncle shortly before he died but most were verdigried to bits, so they all went. I kept a battered Vicky farthing though, which'll probably go in the future.


And two other coins i kept, both from my grandad, one was his (and holed and polished so that it looks gold instead of bronze) and one was his late brother's this time an 1806 Geo III Halfpenny. I did get a few more from my grandfather but i think i sold those. Only some really worn silver threepences both 1918. Actually i might still have one. The other definately went.


I have other things to remember them by which is why i have few problems letting go of the coins. Although the 1806 halfpenny will probably stay with me for good because it's the only thing i've got of my great uncle, who i never really saw much of. Probably only met him about five times in my whole life, if that.

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Lol, yeah. Me and her are like 2 peas in a pod ;) That, and I'm the only one in the family that collects coins.


Yea, no competition from the family ;) Hope you have a great trip to Grandmas and come home with some really cool coins. :ninja:

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