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Comoros - Neat security features


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The new notes from Comoros are attractive and colorful. They have changed their typical French influence and have adopted a more modern design. These new notes have several security features including microprint, security thread, watermark, Ultraviolet numbering, invisible printing, face-back designs, fibers, raised ink, etc. I rather like it when printers and designers will use creative ways to use these security features. In these new notes, there are some nice examples of this innovative design that I enjoy finding.


Some of the nicest aspects of their microprint are depicted below. For the sake of time and space, I have limited this to only a couple of examples on one note, but the 500, 1000 and 2000 all share these types of features. The front of the note has a nice depiction of a fish. The blue fields on the top and bottom have nicely hidden “1000 MILLE” repeated in the design. The bottom lip of the fish has written in it “Banque Centrale Des Comores”.



1000 Note





While the standard 5X magnifying glass easily revealed the fish lip text, the hidden text in the top and bottom fields required stronger magnification and was easily discernible with a 10X loupe. My 16X loupe was a little strong.



The back of the 1000 franc note has a canoe and a fisherman. The ripples in the water are actually made up of a series of the number 1000 repeated. 1000 is also repeated in the blue bar above the red and white face-back design.



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