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As far as I am concern a very impressive coin collection


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This is the list of the following countries (or former countries) I have in my collection.


My most valued coin would be one that I picked-up in the ocean in Mozambique. Year dated 1980 and 1 Metical.


And then again the current monarch of Britain and the two previous monarchy I also have.


As you guys can see I am very fussy about the correct pronounciation of titles and countries.



Swiss Confederation

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Kingdom of Belgium

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kingdom of Denmark

Republic of Finland

Hellenic Republic (Greece)

Republic of Turkey

Republic of Hungary

German Bundesrepublic

Euro (4 countries)


United Arab Emirates

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Hong Kong

Republic of Singapore


Commonwealth of Australia

New Zealand


United States of America


Republic of Trinidad/Tobago


Republic of Benin

Republic of Ghana

Republic of Cameroon

Republic of Kenya

Republic of Zimbabwe

Republic of Mozambique

Republic of Namibia

Republic of Botswana

Republic of South Africa

Kingdom of Swaziland

Republic of Mauritius



Southern Rhodesia



Will scan some coins during the week and post it.

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