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  1. Guys somehow managed to forget what the actual site was I belonged to. Here in Darkest Africa you get moments like these. My note collection has grown to 54 countries and 5 former countries. The 5 former countries I am esp. very proud of. But I am wondering about one of them. It is a Notgeld but am not really sure if it is a fake or not. Now I will only need to get a scanner (here in Darkest Africa) then I will be able to show it. The 5 former countries are: Belgian Congo Republic of the Philippines (1943-1945) Kingdom of Italy Weimar Republic Third Reich (Nazi Germany)
  2. Found this while surfing on the net oneday. Is this note for real?
  3. This is the list of the following countries (or former countries) I have in my collection. My most valued coin would be one that I picked-up in the ocean in Mozambique. Year dated 1980 and 1 Metical. And then again the current monarch of Britain and the two previous monarchy I also have. As you guys can see I am very fussy about the correct pronounciation of titles and countries. Swiss Confederation United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Kingdom of Belgium Kingdom of the Netherlands Kingdom of Denmark Republic of Finland Hellenic Republic (Greece) R
  4. Now this note I can honestly use to wipe my nose. Worth nothing and I think obsolete due to the stuff happening in Zimbabwe.
  5. This note is from Vietnam. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the current list of notes from 34 countries in my possession. Russian Federation Republic of Moldova Republic of Hungary Republic of Turkey Euro Federal Republic of Nigeria Republic of Namibia Republic of Botswana Kingdom of Swaziland Republic of Kenya Republic of Zambia Republic of Mozambique Republic of Zimbabwe Republic of Eritrea Rwandan Republic Republic of Ghana Republic of Benin Republic of South Africa United States of America Canada United
  6. Compared to the other notes I have seen on this forum my notes arent really that bright. This note comes from Turkey. At the time I bougth it, it was worth R12,50 in the South African dinomination. Someone told me that it is now obsolete.
  7. Greetings My name is Recato Eberwein. I am from South Africa. My interest is huge. From WW2, Harry Potter, etc. etc. etc. to learning alot from other countries. Thus coin collecting is also one of my hobies. I have lots of coins but am not sure what to do with them with regards to the display and presevering. My coins include the 3 Heads of the Empire to Britain that been the current Queen, her father and his brother who had a fling with that other lady. I have coins from 1941 and one of my most priced possesions a 1 metical 1980 still displaying the head of the former head
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