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A question about Cuban 5 Centavos coins.


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What years were the Cuban 5 centavos coins actually minted? The ones I can find for sale are usually 1915, 1916, 1920, 1943, 1946 and 1960. Were these actually the only years minted and they just used them for very long time periods or am I just missing something? Thanks for any help as I don't have a Krause catalog to refer to.



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Dates legal to own in the U.S. :ninja: are




So you've pretty much nailed it with the dates they were issued



So let me understand. They minted them, just for example, in 1917 and it is just illegal to own that year in the USA? Or am I just reading more into what you stated?

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The only 5 centavos "illegal" to own are those issued after the US placed an embargo on Cuban material. IIRC, this was in late 1961 or early 1962.


A 1917 wouldn't necessarily be illegal but for the fact that it would be a counterfiet.


Cuban money [and other financial instruments] issued after the effective date of the embargo are, technically, illegal to possess within the US. Having said this, I know that there are many such items presently in the US. These are most likely 'souvenirs' obtained by the few tourists who have been to Cuba since the embargo was established and who didn't exchange them on leaving Cuba.


There are dealers outside of the US that carry Cuban numismatic items who claim that such items are legal for us to own. I dunno.


Anyway, it is my belief that while an agressive U S Attorney could indict those of us with such items, it won't happen because of the negative [to the Gov't] publicity which would make the net 'gain' to the Gov't 'way too small to be worth the Court's time. Said time is better spent dealing with much more serious crime [drugs/people smugglers, major swindlers such as the late un-lamented Mr. Lay, etc.] than your Aunt Minnie's offense of bringing back a few pesos worth of paper or coins.

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Most of the embargo restrictions with respect to Cuba forbids importation of the items from Cuba. Many of them though are legal to own here as long as they are imported from another country where they are legal to own. So the Cuban coins can be owned here if they are imported from Canada.


As far as I know there are no restriction on owning or importing North Korean or Iranian coins or currency. At one time there were restrictions against North Vietamese coins and currency, but once again they were legal if not imported directly.

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