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  1. One interesting one is the Petition Crown of Charles II. Thomas Simon created it in an attempt to win the office of mintmaster. His pattern crown included a petition or plea asking the king to examine his crown and compare it to that of the other suplicants and if it was better made then to award him the office. Now I have just paraphased the petition, but on the edge of the coin it runs for some thirty words or so in two lines and in several different fonts. I couldn't find the exact wording of the petition but I did find a picture of it here. http://www.coinvideos.org/Introduction/pa
  2. Usually overstrikings were done to either change the value of an existing coin, or to permit a coin from another country to circulate locally during a time when the local country was in the midst of a coin shortage. The russian coins that you linked is an example of the first case. Under Peter II the value of the copper coins were doubled. Along with striking new coins at the new weight standard, the older coins were also overstruck to show their new value. A few years later the weight standard was changed back and the coinsthat had been overstruck were overstruck yet again to return th
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