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  1. Looks good to me. It's struck through a late stage die cap where the metal of the cap is getting thin enough for the design of the die to begin showing through.
  2. I don't believe the date was added to the hubs until 1907. The only 20th century overdate before then, the 1901/0-S half eagle, was the result of overdating using a logotype punch. (Although from the pictures I've seen I'm not completely convinced it is a true overdate and that it may be the result of a defective logotype punch, just as the 1861/0 half dime is. It could be argued that most of the repunched overdates are not errors because they were deliberate. There are a few such as the so called 1851/81 large cent that have to be considered to be an error because even though the rep
  3. And then some wise guy at the mint dug up an old Braided hair large cent reverse die and they DID strike off some 1868 large cents. I believe the reason they were considering the copper ten cent piece was because at the time they were looking at the problem of redeeming all of the fractional currency that had been issued since the latter half of the Civil War and they were loath to redeem all that intrinsically worthless paper with good silver. So several measures were looked at including a debased silver coinage with a limited legal tender status to be used specifically for its redemptio
  4. It actually has very little to do with the US. It was a political opinion token issed for general circulation in Lancashire England by someone who agreed with the US independance, and who was possibly also a supporter of the french revolution as well. (at least the early years) They were never intended to circulate here and probably very few of them, if any, ever did.
  5. Maybe they are just webbing from 1944 Belgian 2 Franc coins.
  6. You don't see these too often?? They are easily available, all it takes is the money.
  7. I believe the obverse die used with the 1900-O micro O coins was also used paired with a different reverse as well. Maybe that's it. I'm operating under a bit of a disadvantage not having seen the article.
  8. True but most of the casino have now switched over to payout by ticket, not clattering coins. And the lettered edges will probably last a LONG time. If you go back and look at the early large cents and half dollars that had lettered edges even coins that grade Good or even lower normally still have clear edge lettering visible. The letters appear to be at least about .3 mm deep which would mean that the edge would have to worn down almost as much as the distance equal to the height of the mintmark on a regular coin. How many coins have you seen worn down so much that the mintmark is bar
  9. If it is the micro O then this is OLD news. Those pieces have been known for years. On the other hand all of the discussion when PCGS finally decided they were fake (ANACS had decided they were a year or two earlier, and NGC had rejected them almost seven years before) all of the discussion was PCGS, NGC, and ANACS. There was no mention of ICG having slabbed them. So this might have been the first ones they had seen, or the first since the excitement over them in 2005.
  10. They needed the nickel and manganese in the outer clad layers to alter the electomagnetic signature of the coin to match that of the SBA. A pure copper coin would create more electromagnetic distortion because the copper has a lower flux capacity than nickel does.
  11. Yeah, right. If someone doesn't have enough gumption to get five people and five clubs (most of which will agree to nominate anyone who asks them to) to sponsor his nomination, how likely is he to make a good governor? "I will work hard for you on the Board of Governors. . . . as long as I don't have to do anything."
  12. Conder101


    << I could be wrong but the copper-nickel is silver colored while the brass plated one looks like the one at the very top... >> But I don't have mine at hand, and I don't remember which it was. Haven't looked it it in a couple years.
  13. Conder101


    I have one of those, but I don't know if it is the brass plated or the unplated variety.
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