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  1. Yeah, I was really happy to have all my data at hand. It'll make the Ohio show this coming September a real breeze. The only thing it can't do is update data on the fly, since it's just a reader. But I can live with that. It beats my old Palm-based system on a couple counts -- while it loses on updating on the fly, it wins on readability... and on compatibility, as my Palm is so old, Palm's not bothering with writing new drivers for Win7. I think the only update I need to make is to condense all my spreadsheets into one document instead of separate documents as I have them now. It would've been a lot easier to flip pages than it was to change documents. Live and learn!
  2. I recently bought a Nextbook -- real basic ebook reader, not tied to any particular merchant like Amazon or B&N. So I can print out my catalogs from OpenOffice to PDFs and load them directly, and have them on-hand to refer to, while listening to my favorite MP3s in the background! So I sat down and catalogued my Jeffs, then my Brits, then my Poles, then my Russians, and got ready for a raid on my LCS. Just as I'm heading out the door, the reader already stashed in my backpack (gotta love long earphone leads) and the computer already shut down, I spot five coins sitting on a shelf that I forgot to catalog. So I still have to rely on memory. But not for everything anymore. Not much to be had in the foreigns bin, other than a few Soviet-era rubles turning up -- all of them the 1970 Lenin commemorative. At least I was able to pick and choose and get the best available than the only available. I also got a 5 kopek piece... forget what year off the top of my head, I'm posting from a coffee house and don't have them at hand. One new Polish piece, a 10 groszy from the early 1970s. And a couple of Brits - a threepence from the early 1940s, a 1916 penny, and a 1963 shilling (Scottish reverse). It's a blessing and curse that my LCS takes foreigns seriously enough that I can get really good pieces there... and therefor that I can't luck out too much in the foreigns bin. Ah, well. I love the team there; they know their business, and they don't look down on the small-scale collectors like me. Actually, some comments I overheard while there suggest they really like the guys like me who collect for the love of collecting rather than the hope of making a quick buck.
  3. Wishful thinking, mostly. Actually, the Jefferson Project is in small flips in a three-ring binder with a protective sheet in between each page, actually. Can't be too careful. I'm still exploring permanent display options for them. I'm going to get a couple sacrificial coins (not too expensive with Jeffs) and see about custom molding clear plastic holders (NOT permanently embedding them in Lucite blocks! That would be a capital offense!) The others are in 2x2s in those little red longboxes. And the proof/mint sets are on a bookshelf.
  4. Welcome! I haven't got the modern British bug yet, but I love those pre-decimals. I haven't bought a lot on eBay (I like seeing a coin in person so I can make a decision), but the few times I have, I've been very satisfied. I can only echo the caveats above -- if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. If nothing else, I can always edit. The hard part there is resisting the urge to rewrite at the same time.
  6. I really need to capture the color on that 81S-T1. I mean, it's *green*, and it's a *pretty* green. I can't recall ever seeing a color quite like it on a coin before (anodized NCLT notwithstanding). As soon as it was in hand, I knew I needed it, especially since there wasn't anything more impressive (I couldn't tell a PF65 from a PF70 anyway). I think it's probably fair to say that I'm no longer agnostic about toning.
  7. I usually do, in my own random way. I needed the 64/64D to go with the proof I'd picked up at the CNS show last September, for one. The 73D had killer eye appeal, so I thought I'd get some more from the early 70s while I was at it. And of course, the 2011PDS all in one fell swoop. But there wasn't an appealing 73 (more accurately, there wasn't *any* 73 in the cabinet) to go with the 73D, so that's waiting until later. BTW, the dealer mentioned that the 2009s are even harder to find than before; they've been offering $4 *apiece* for them, and can't get any. They've had outstanding orders for unc rolls for months that they just can't fill. People aren't breaking up their mint sets to make them available, and there were so doggone few released in the first place... glad I already have 'em! In twenty years time, the 09P&D may well have joined the 39D and 50D as additional keys to the series, though I should be surprised if they get much above $10 each in BU -- the 50D is something like $15 to $25 in unc and only starts to get obscene when those magic letters FS appear (and even then, it's not too horrible -- a 50D graded MS65FS by PCGS went for $44 on Heritage earlier this month), and even the 39D is still under $100 even in MS65 and 66. Still, since most of the rest of the series barely reaches $2-3 in unc, it's still a premium coin, if in a relative way.
  8. I will throw that on my watch list. Might be nice to have a piece with a CP provenance in my Jefferson Project. Edit: Scratch that. I'll start the bidding.
  9. Still alive! I made a milestone yesterday: the Jefferson Project is now 25% complete. Not counting errors and going only with major variations like the 1939 T1 and T2 issues and the 1979 and 1981 T1 and T2 proofs, I count (including 2012) 246 individual coins, treating proof and business strikes separately. I currently have 55 coins, almost all chosen individually based on whether or not it made me happy. Pictures to come, of course. I got the 2011PDS (no 2012 available yet), the 1981S T1 and T2, then filled in a few uncs from the 60s and 70s and 61 proof. The 73D is stunning; the 64 and 64D pointed out the problem of finding strongly struck issues from the late 50s and early 60s -- almost all of them had more softness than I really like, but I located a couple I was happy with. The star of all of them is probably the 81S T1, which has got the most unusual olive-green toning going on. I don't know where the color is going, but I like where it is. The set so far seems evenly divided between blast white, and unusual toning. Few of the coins (other than the most recent) are just plain coins. I may end up leaning more towards toned coins. I'm getting more and more interested by the variations in color, and nickels of course tone differently than other issues. The set could end up bifurcating into white and toned sets, but I doubt it will if only because an untoned coin may tone eventually, but a toned coin will never untone.
  10. Get at least one of the early expensive issues (39D in MS, or an early proof, maybe the 42P) for the Jefferson Project, and otherwise keep building. Work out a good storage and display system for said nickels -- one that is chemically safe, sufficiently secure, and shows the coins to their best benefit. I know one way I'd like to try it, but I don't know if it's sufficiently chemically inert. Testing shall commence soon. Fire the first shot in the Ike Project, maybe picking up some of the proof silvers or better known variations. Decide whether or not to include the SBAs in the set. Probably not, but it'd be an easy enough set to complete, so I won't rule it out. Add some silver to the British collection. More Polish commems, particularly the incuse Jagiełłonian University issue. Find more Monumental Money to photograph (no, Mike, I haven't forgotten that! )
  11. Funny you should mention. I hit up my LCS yesterday, and found three 1970 Lenin commems in the foreigns bin, but almost never see a regular issue ruble coin. The only other ones I have are the 1987 Tsiolkovsky, and the 1991 regular issue, which was purchased singly rather than from a bin.
  12. Gah, just what I need, another excuse to start getting interested in Channel coinage! Looking forward to this series.
  13. I don't think I've spent more than $80 for one single coin yet. There's a reason my collection is mostly base metal.
  14. I think the new design of the Jeff looks good on the matte uncirculateds, especially since the coin has no sculptural depth anymore. I'm not convinced on the proofs, though. The cameos look like they were added later, and the fields are too flat. They're like a hand mirror, not a telescope mirror. If I could make any one change to our coinage, it would be to return to more deeply sculpted designs.
  15. I love that there are no 'no' votes of either sort. Anyway, I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough in any particular area to curate and probably never will be since I have no interest in some of the advanced areas like die varieties and errors, but I will always be happy to toss my two grosze in if it's appropriate.
  16. If it's a tie, are you gonna be Count Art d'Monie II?
  17. Not that the Jefferson circulates as such. I can't think of the last time I got one in change. Or at a bank. Or anything. It's like halves. They make 'em, but no one uses 'em. But, like the Purity Test, all technicalities count, I suppose. That settles it. I'm getting a couple rolls of halves and as many twos as I can get from the bank on my next paycheck, and startling the local merchants.
  18. I dunno, it's hard to improve on the simplicity of 'Art'. I have to think longer about this. I was leaning toward the Latin "Ars", but that has other issues, mostly involving being too near to a certain British slang term.
  19. Thanks - that Greek piece definitely moved into the top tier of my collection the moment it joined it, and it's one of the pieces I'm happiest to own. The only reason it wasn't in PCI was that I got it after nominations closed. I can promise it'll be in the 2012 edition, though! And really, the picture only gives a partial idea of what the depth and detail is like, so I'm going to re-photograph it eventually, outside of its cardboard holder. I need to figure out a way to get the edge lettering imaged, too. Anyway, I think I'll move on to my next phase, my favorites from my ongoing Jefferson Project: 1938 Nickel, Toned This was the specific coin that shook me out of my agnosticism on toning. The colors are a bit richer than the picture suggests -- it's a gorgeous rainbow bullseye on the obverse and subtle blue on the reverse. 1965 Nickel, Cameo SMS This might be the most proof-like SMS I've ever seen. The cameo's more visible in-hand; it's definitely the most cameo I can recall seeing on an SMS coin. 1942S Silver Nickel And this is one of my favorites more by dint of how I came by it: it came out of a bank roll of nickels in this condition, very nearly uncirculated. It's a gorgeous piece, the likes of which I would never have believed would've come out of a roll of nickels from the bank.
  20. Okay, I'm going to parcel this out. First are my favorite three from my birth year set. Netherlands Antilles 5c I just love everything about this design - the shape, the depth of the sculpture, the scrollwork, everything. This is one of the prettiest non-portraiture pieces I've seen. It's also a meaty coin, with the heft of a brass threepenny bit. Greece 'Five Kings' 30 Drachmai This was a long-sought piece; I had seen it around town in the $25-$30 range, and stumbled across this particular beauty at the Ohio State Coin Show in September for $15. Gorgeous deep-sculpted design and details, details, and more details. Raised rather than incuse lettering on the edge -- I can't recall seeing that before. New Zealand half crown The third was a difficult choice; it was down to several sterling issues. This piece only barely edged out the UK half crown, the Australian florin, and the Irish leath choróin (half crown) in my mental calculations. Again, depth and detail of design won out, although only barely.
  21. I was thinking Austrian m'self. The Polish heraldic eagle is usually a little more stylized, especially in the 20th century. But, I've been wrong before.
  22. Welcome -- looks like a nice stash, there!
  23. Yaknow, I've thought and thought and thought, and I can't narrow the field down to just three. I could conceivably give you the top three out of each subcollection, but trying to narrow it down past that would be like trying to give you my three favorite breaths of air. As for my dream coins, that's a bit easier. An '07 Saint (flat or wire, I'm not picky ), an old head Victoria sovereign, and ... oh, I dunno. An Athenian Owl tetradrachm, or maybe an Alexander the Great piece dating from his actual lifetime.
  24. Too many choices! I abstain.
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