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  1. Looks like it got mooshed up against the obverse of a pre-2004 (and judging by what I can make out of the date, 1999 or before, possibly 1960-something) Jefferson nickel. Alas, I am not qualified to tell you if that happened in the mint or afterwards.
  2. ikaros

    Slabbed Vs. Raw

    I have come to appreciate slabs in certain circumstances. My Ikes are all slabbed; that was a conscious decision to collect them that way, kinda just to do it. Almost all the rest are raw. If I'm buying as a type coin, it just needs to be VF or better in the picture. The Ikes I decided I wanted to all be a minimum of MS-65, and that means professional grading to me. The only other slabs just happened to be the right coin at the right price at the right time.
  3. Having been mostly working from home for the last year and a half, I don't make many cash purchases these days. So I was delighted when a vending machine spit out a Washington Crossing the Delaware quarter... and after 20-some years of not having the date on the obverse, seeing 2021 under George's bust looked *weird*...
  4. I'm afraid I can't read the dates on the coins in the images -- anything from 1963?
  5. Aigh! You're asking me to choose between my children!!
  6. To the best of my knowledge Denver has never minted proof coins, so a 1960D could not be a proof. Beyond that, the most info I could find was here.
  7. Do you also have a picture of the reverse?
  8. Two-fer! 1964-D quarter and 1958 dime, both in quite nice condition.
  9. PCI? I'd say just announce you're going to do it. I'll be in, I promise. Go over the last few, see how they were done, tweak to make them better.
  10. I have lived in Ohio my entire life, and I have never seen those before. Huh.
  11. 1964 Roosevelt dime. I love the ping 90% silver makes.
  12. Yeah, I was hoping to do a UCI this year. I went back over the previous one and spent most of my time giggling over the comments.
  13. I don't detect a whole lot of interest except from myself and Art... oh well.
  14. We haven't held a Popular Coin Idol/Ugly Coin Competition in ages. As long as we're all puttering around our respective domiciles, why the heck not? Thoughts? I'm willing to run the UCC again, but I would really love to see a PCI happen first. I mean, I'm sure some of us have gotten some fantastic shinies (and poor, poor victims) since the last go-around...
  15. Hi there! Any particular specialties or interests, or is it agglomeration mode right now?
  16. Yikes, that's about as tasteless as a coin can get. I looked at that website -- there are very few things there I would call a 'coin'... and what few there are have been marked up obscenely. Avoid.
  17. Absolutely. Although cows might have had a part in the production of what I might have thought.
  18. I have, actually -- I had a co-worker gift me with her grandfather's fountain pen because it was known that I used them at work. I looked it up while she was at my desk and the first page that came up indicated it had a value in the $200-$300 range. I made sure she saw that and asked, "Are you sure you want to just give this away?" She said yes, because she knew that I would appreciate it, restore it, and take care of it. Wow.
  19. I'm afraid that's not where my mind went first... although now you mention cows, I'm hungry. Time for a burger!
  20. Holy ... and the next word is inappropriate for a family forum.
  21. Re-sort everything into their proper places. Take some better photos of the more interesting coins. Drool over eBay.
  22. Nice finds! I haven't had any CoinStar hits in a while m'self...
  23. I like to get $2 bills and half dollar coins to make my purchase interesting for the cashier.
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