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  1. A new "county" with a QEII portrait This brings my coin collection to 82 different countries (& territories, constituents, regions, protectorates, etc.) which have portraits of QEII. The Queen has, herself, viewed the collectionm, in facsimile.
  2. The most exciting news: I sent a pictoral depiction of the set to The Queen, including texts and pictures of my grandmother, who resembled The Queen when she was alive, and have received a very nice reply from one of Her Majesty's Ladies-in-Waiting on Buckingham Palace sationary, stating ...the Queen wishes me to express her thanks for your kind words and was very interested to see the depiction of your collection. She was especially interested to hear about and to see the pictures you sent of your Grandmother...Her Majesty hopes you will continue enjoying your coin collecting and wishes you
  3. I have added the St. Vincent and The Grenadines coin and found an additional country with a QEII portrait - Nauru - also added.
  4. Page 2 QEII Portrait collection (click on the picture to view it larger) By row, Left to Right Row 1: Bermuda 1984 1 cent Bronze, AU+ (2nd portrait) Bermuda 1994 $10 "Royal Visit" Silver, PR (3rd portrait) British Antarctic Territory 2008 2 Pounds C/N, PL (4th portrait, modified version "A" shouldered bust) British Caribbean Territories, Eastern Group 1965 10 Cents C/N, VF (1st portrait, 3rd version: crowned head) Row 2: British Caribbean Territories, Eastern Group 1965 50 Cents C/N, BU (1st portrait, 3rd version: crowned head) British East Africa 1963 50 cents C/N, VF+ (1st
  5. Page 1 QEII Portrait collection (click on the picture to view it larger) By row, Left to Right Row 1: Alderney 1994 2 Pounds "D-Day Commem." C/N, BU (3rd portrait modified version "D" bust, uncouped) Antigua & Barbuda 1985 $10 "Royal Visit" Silver, PR (3rd portrait modified version "B" bust, head turned to profile) Ascension Island 2003 50 pence "Coronation 25th Anniv." C/N, PL (3rd portrait modified version "D" bust, uncouped) Australia 1963 Florin (2 shillings) Silver, BU (1st portrait, 2nd version: with shoulder straps) Row 2, Australia: 1981 5 cents C/N, EF (2nd portr
  6. I tried to upload pictures today, but the files are too big and I am not advanced enough as a user to make it work. It seems I will have to try some individual pictures sometime in the future, instead.
  7. Thanks for all the great research! Amazing what information is out there, when you know where to look. Any pointers or advice on uploading coin pics? I haven't done this yet and plan to try to get some pics of the collection up this weekend. Thanks, again.
  8. Thanks Andyg - I put one in my ebay watch list and will buy it soon. Now if I could only find that @#$%!&* St. Vincent & The Grenadines coin!
  9. Thanks andyg! I found out the 1980, 1981 & 1982 Dollars are technically considered commemoratives and the whole group (1979-1982) was minted in Canada, but I haven't been able to find out anything about the designer of the "new" portrait or why this design was adopted for only these issues. It appears that the Arnold Machin (2nd portrait) was introduced in New Zealand in 1967 to coincide with the switch from pence/shilling/pound issues to the decimal issues, and that only the dollars featured this 79-82 break in it's use, when the Machin portrait was resumed in 1983 until ultimately bein
  10. Which one is that? The 1979-1981 New Zealand Dollars were minted with a portrait that was exclusive to those years and the reverse of the coin was the standard Coat of Arms, crowned with Silver Fern fronds surrounding it. I think these were transitional pieces, but I do believe they were issued as regular coinage. This portrait was abandoned in favor of the traditional "2nd" portrait of the queen which was used on UK coins from 1968 to 1984 and most other country's QEII coins shortly thereafter, until the 3rd portrait was introduced in 1985. However, I don't know why that 79-81 New Ze
  11. Thanks, all, for the positive comments. I should mention the bank notes portion of the collection. Two former British possessions, Malta and Trinidad & Tobago, never issued coins with the Queen's portrait, so I purchased bank notes with her picture to represent these countries: A 1967 Malta One Pound note in AU condition, which features a uncrowned bust portrait of the Queen garbed in the Royal Order of Malta mantle. A 1964 Tinidad & Tobago One Dollar note in VF+ condition, which features the same uncrowned portrait, but only from the shoulders up. I also bought 2 vint
  12. Thanks for the pics! Looks like I'll need "#7" to make my set more complete. #4 is technically a commemorative and the missing circulation examples are the 1979-1981 New Zealand Dollar only, plus the "original" 1st protrait, which shows the Queen with bare shoulders (this was quickly abandoned for propriety's sake!). I'll post these, plus some of the pics I have for commemoratives, when I get the chance - I have 17 additional portraits.
  13. So far, I've kept the collection to only portrait coins, which are more intersting to me. This has proven more difficult, of course, especially concerning those countries where maybe only one or two issues exist that fit the criteria. The hardest to find of the ones I have, so far, was British West Africa, since the only QEII portrait is on the 1957-H 3 pence and there were only 800 issued. I know I paid too much for the coin, but I may never get another opportunity to find one, so I jumped in with my heart, instead of my head! The St. Vincent & The Grenadines, which I do not hav
  14. I am a collector of World and US coins. My latest obsession has been the completion of a set of every country's coins that now feature, or have featured in the past, the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. By my reckoning, there are 78 different possible countries, territories, dependencies & colonies that make up the list. I have been able to collect 76 of these (missing St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Swaziland) and I am wondering if there are others out there with similar collections. Also, if anyone knows of any countries with her portrait that I might be missing from my list
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