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  1. I am amused to read this. They are certainly the smallest coin collectors. It won’t come as a surprise tomorrow if we came to know that they were trained to exit with quarters.
  2. I am amused to read this. They are certainly the smallest coin collectors. It won’t come as a surprise tomorrow if we came to know that they were trained to exit with quarters.
  3. If you can find a numismatist to buy your coin, you can expect to get more for your coin. For the price, you can browse a few online dealers and get a rough estimate. But, if you decide to list on eBay, try to describe your silver crown and gold sovereign with concise information.
  4. “In 1985 the U.S. Mint abandoned the practice of punching mint marks into working coin dies and instead, it began punching the mint mark directly onto the working hubs. However, the 1990 No S Proof Lincoln cent was inadvertently struck by a mint state die that had been processed as a proof die. This occurred because the Mint had shipped a mint state die to the San Francisco Mint without the die containing the S mint mark. Amazingly, the 1990 No S Proof Lincoln cents deceived both the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mint employees.” Source: http://www.pcgs.com/top100/coin9.aspx
  5. HarveyJMartha


    It doesn’t really matter which way you choose to go with…. pick up first whichever you want - One thing at a time and a lot of things over time.
  6. I just heard Dr. Ron Paul and even he says that gold is going to up and higher with every passing day. Look at the world economy; it seems to have completely wound up despite so many efforts. Gold has only seen a rising over last 12 years, and it will still be. This time will pass too.
  7. The numismatic value of the coin in perfect condition is about $13. Yours seems like it is a bit worn off. Therefore, the value goes down even further.
  8. Please share its photographs with us. The 1990 No S Lincoln coming from an extremely popular Lincoln series is the only proof coin from 1909 till today that lacks a significant mint mark.
  9. Are you specifically looking for vintage silver coins or are you interested in the modern ones as well? Personally, I love almost every commemorative coin from the Canadian mint and the New Zealand mint. My recent favorite is the coin set from the Royal Canadian Mint celebrating the Royal birth. They depict the happiness, hope and sweet memories that a baby brings to the family.
  10. Indeed, the carriage design is definitely good. But, may be you would like to have a look at the second coin the Royal Canadian Mint has released. It is $5 fine silver coin with selective gold plating that looks amazing and features a gold-plated monogrammed “W” and “C” with crowns.
  11. This is something kind of never heard-of. It’s a good way to tell us how these transitional pairs have come to exist and made the coinage history pricey. I guess they must be extremely expensive due to their rarity, even though I would like to own at least one complete set of a kind.
  12. Right, if you mark ‘ERROR’ in the title you get the attention of serious collectors who might not mind buying it at a more-than-average price.
  13. Ttae, what exactly did you find unusual about these coins??
  14. Whoa! This is amazing. Great find. Which Canadian coin is this?
  15. Looks like an ancient Roman coin, not sure though. You can try your luck by browsing through this numismatist coin gallery. And yes, the pictures are taking l-o-n-g time to load. I’m unable to make out whether the coin is legit, however if this coin has a strong collector base like Silver Morgan Dollar , I’d suggest you get it assayed from a reputed company.
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