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  1. Gold and Silver are falling, lots of people I know are panic selling their holdings. Where will this stop. As for my personnal feelings on this I hope it contuines to fall to lows not seen in years. Id love to see gold again below 300.00 a oz (Getting to that level could just be a dream). As you can guess I dont own alot of Gold and I could start buying Gold again.
  2. Hi Have some bills that need to be taken care of. Have a nice lot of indian head cents will sell these as a lot. Theres way more than 60 dollars worth here, asking 50.00 or Best Offer plus 4.50 shipping Will throw in half a dozen dated buff. nickles to sweeten the deal. Well take paypal or money order. 1864 AG 1881 GOOD 1882 GOOD 1886 GOOD 1887 VG 1889 GOOD 1890 GOOD 1891 FIND 1893 GOOD 1895 FINE+ 1896 VG 1898 FINE 1899 FINE 1900 FINE+ 1901 FINE 1902 VF+ 1903 FINE+ 1904 FINE 1905 VF 1906 VF 1907 VF 1908 VF
  3. I got this coin from a long time coin dealer (neary 40 years in the business) who knows what hes looking at. I trust him 100% that it is a real 1909s vdb.
  4. Ok thanks for letting me know, just added the best pic that my cam could take of the date and mint mark area.
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