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  1. Hey there everyone I was digging thru some old stuff when I came across this long-forgotten medal I got from somewhere. What intrigued me about it was the reverse, which mentions a IV Depot Bat. (Battalion?) and a date of January 26, 1917, so most likely some kind of WWI-related medal, possibly civilian, possibly military. Whats also interesting is that the obverse was originally designed by Hendrickus Johannes Baars in 1898 for Queen Wilhelmina's coronation. Every hit I have seen for this medal has been in silver though and smaller, with a different reverse. So this is clearly a reused design with a new design on the reverse. My speculation is that this is a civilian medal. I am wondering if anyone out there might know what this is? Between the date mentioned and the "IV Depot" inscription on the revere is the inscription "Det. Wsrit". Any ideas what that could mean? Possibly an abbreviation of a name? Any help you all could provide would be most appreciated thank you. Netherlands Medal2.pdf
  2. Hey everyone I am wondering if someone if could help me with figuring out what this medal could be. I am assuming its an ag medal but have had no luck in translating it. Anyone know where I could turn to for help in translating it? I have the photos uploaded onto the member gallery.
  3. Yeah I mean I would feel bad if its some grandmother or someone selling off a deceased family member's estate, etc. But if it's a professional dealer, it's fair game. I mean they see the coins I am buying because they put em a baggy for me.
  4. Ah I see thanks... you win some and you lose some. I knew it was a gamble but I have been on a good winning streak up to this point so all told I am still ahead.
  5. I would say the draped bust dime is probably in the low G range. The date is readable on it tho and it is in recognizable condition as a dime... there was an 1805 bust dime in garbage condition, worse than the one I have, that sold for $100 and that was the lowest that this coin has sold for on ebay. The other one is a little better condition but would not put it out of the G range, but again readable date, etc. Did not recall the value of it but certainly worth more than the $1.40 I paid for it lol. I'm just gonna hang onto them tho. Not hard up for cash at the moment.
  6. For whatever reason the copy and paste function does not work properly on this. www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-antique-foreign-coin-/311778864180
  7. Well it's been a long time since I have posted here, primarily because my coin collectin' was taking a back seat to other interests. Back into the swing of things now. I am a chronic junk silver and junk coin bucket junkie. A couple successes in the junk silver bucket: 1805 Draped Bust Dime and 1814 Capped Bust Dime. Some successes in the 5 for $1 bin: three silver Panama Medio Balboas; 1840 British India Silver Rupee; two Austrian silver florins; 1905 Bavarian 2 marks; silver US 3 cent piece 1850s, etc. I love it when I walk into a shop and they tell me "yeah but its just some foreign coins..." lol All coins are safely ensconced in the safe deposit box.
  8. Hey everyone... I recently bought a coin from ebay. I am only out $20-something so not too bad. Well I finally got the coin in the mail today and believe it is a fake. It only weighs 23 grams, whereas the real McCoy weighs closer to 27 grams. What do "you alls" think? Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-antique-foreign-coin-/311778864180?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=7MOFUcZFwx%252BPcaojmrw5a%252BrH%252Bm4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  9. yeah its kind of strange how undervalued the coins are over here... there's a place in Thomasville that will sell you Canadian silver for under melt and a couple places you could find decent conditioned coins for melt, 5 for $1, 2 for $1, etc. And these are the brick and mortar places, not the shows. I always make a point to make an extra withdrawal from the savings account whenever a show comes to town because I almost always get my money's worth at these shows.
  10. Hey everyone Recently attended a coin show in Thomasville, GA this weekend. I am always a sucker for the bargain bucket coins and hit the jackpot. Keep in mind these coins were 2 for $1 and while not high end valuable coins certainly are coins you hardly ever come across for this cheap: 1763 Hungary Denar 186_ Papal States 1 Soldo (1796-1797) Franc Decime (1796-1797) France 5 Centimes 1861 New Brunswick Cent (2) 1750 Great Britain Half Penny 1816 Great Britain Shilling 1827 Great Britain Half Penny "To Hanover" Brass token 1856 France 10 Centimes 1866/5 Mexico 1/4 Real 1845 Baden Kreuzer 1855 Saxony-Albertine 2 Pfenigge 1845 Belgium 2 Cents 1833 Spain 4 Maravedis 1826 Sardinia 3 Centesimi 1858 Naples Tornese 1812 Austria Kreuzer 1871 Prince Edward Island Cent 1878 Greece 10 Lepta 1837 Canada Half Penny Token "Ships Colonies and Commerce" Canada token 1826 Sardinia 5 Centesimi 1843 Azores 10 Reis 1813 Spain 2 Maravedis 1800 Austria Kreuzer 1884 Switzerland 20 Rappen 1816 Austria Kreuzer 1880 Switzerland 5 Rappen 1782 Salzburg 2 Pfennig 1824 Spain 2 Maravedis 1812 Saxe-Meinigen 1/2 Kreuzer 1897 Straits Settlements Cent 1926 Switzerland 10 Rappen 1921 Australia 1/2 Penny 1861 Mexico 1/4 Real 1817 Nassau 1/4 Kreuzer 1805 Draped Bust US Cent Undated Coronet Head US Cent (2) undated Hungary 3 Kracjar Groschen (circa 1666-1695) If you do the math, you will see that I spent $20 for this. Not a bad haul for a day, eh? I don't think it would be an outrageous figure to say that these are at least $100 worth of coins here. From what I have read, there were only 6,700 denars made in 1763 in Hungary so it is a bit unusual although I see them going in the $10 range online. Also bought a fully graded Luxembourg 250 Franc silver coin from the early 1960s for $20. It is in MS 64 condition.
  11. I think the best way to get an on-spot assessment of the value of individual items would be to go onto ebay. They have an option that allows you to search sold items. You could then sort out lowest to highest and get a good general idea of the bottom dollar to expect for each item.
  12. I am jealous of the Ontario multi-metal coin I remember seeing this when I first started collecting coins (and my budget was more limited) and totally wanted it. Also Lava soap is some good soap. I remember when I played trumpet in high school they recommended lava soap for cleaning the instrument.
  13. In short, I think the fair answer would be to say "no." If you are talking about American coins, any dime, quarter, 50 cent piece or dollar coin dated from 1964 or sooner is 90% silver. Any half dollar dated from 1965 to 1970 is 40% silver and war nickels from 1942 to 1945 are 35% silver. The only way to effectively weed out or sort out silvers vs. non-silvers would be good old fashioned finger work sorting through the coins. If you are talking about foreign coins, there are a number of sites out there including ngccoin.com that you could consult that would help you but again this would required finger work on your end. You sir have a lot of work in front of you.
  14. I do not have any interest in collecting this type for the same reason I have no interest in collecting Nazi coins/stuff, which is for moral reasons. I was in one place that had a number of Nazi coins in a 5 for $1 bucket and I just skipped right by it.
  15. The high for me is certainly finding the good bargain with coins. The one thing I do not like though is the cut throat nature of coin collectors. Usually when I see a group of them gathered in a spot I bail out. Once you start dealing with people who view it as more of a commodity than a piece of history and art it is usually not going to be a positive experience. Sucks all the fun out of the room.
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