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  1. hii, so i have this coin for a while now and i would like to get some information about it (genuin or not and just some history)...thanks!
  2. hii, i would like to get some help, i want to know if it is a genuine coin or a fake coin and ill be happy if you identify it as well...thank you all! these are the pictures of the coin (two sides): 1) http://up387.siz.co.il/up3/yt5ymjny0mdj.jpg 2) http://up389.siz.co.il/up1/m1tnmkuzzaj2.jpg
  3. thanks so you think its real, im not sure but maby it was cleaned with chemical materials because i can see a very small amount of the original metal like it was polished and some of the metal appeared on the surface of the coin. bytheway i bought it from timeline originals.... idont trust them in 100% that they really sell only genuine coins even though they say so
  4. hiii so this is the coin, do you think its a fake one? images: http://up351.siz.co....knn3nmnjqzz.jpg http://up351.siz.co....zzjmqtyjyyj.jpg
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