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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a newer member, so I haven't seen any forums on this subject. Anywho, I know you guys will be kind enough to answer. Heritage Online Auctions offer many of the key notes and coins I'm trying to track down. I've never been part of an auction and never used eBay. I'm curious to know who I'm bidding against and who wins the lots. Are these dealers who monitor these lots dozens at a time or mostly individual collectors? If you can give me some advice and clarify those points, I'd be very greatful. thedeadpoint.
  2. I'm starting on the Barber dime series with coins at least XF. However, I cannot find a coin at all the places I have checked (online, in shops, at a convention) that is XF or higher (and not way expensive). Another member has noted that XF-AU Barber dimes have become noteworthy for their scarcity. That seems to be the case. I can find the dimes in more circulated grades and in higher grades but none in these middle grades. I'm curious to know if this is the same experience for anyone else out there trying this series. Let me know what you think, thedeadpoint.
  3. Hi, everyone. Just stumbled across this site today. I hope its a lot of help and a lot of fun. I've been a collector for a good amount of time. Tomorrow I'll be in Baltimore hoping to find some keys for my collection. I'm nearing the completion of a decent Peace Dollar series and a great $1 Silver Certificate (beginning 1923) collection. Since I do not have a huge budget, I will be have to be patient for some of the key bills/notes in these series as well as another series I'm working on. In the meanwhile, I'd like to start another series and need some advice. I've always been int
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