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  1. Been looking for a copy of Coopers book for years. One recently sold on vcoins for $450! There is a 32 pg overview softcover out there, by Cooper, Coins and Minting, for $10.
  2. Eugene, this is an exceptionally well written and presented thesis! I am unable to find flaw with your conclusion! Wow. Armen, my humble appologies for my initial sarcastic reaction to your request for assistance! It has been something quite special to watch this drama unfold here on the forum. (And as translated by google on the Russian forum) Regards, and please continue to update us on the story of this coin.
  3. I have this one. Ugly Patina, but sharp detail.
  4. Sigi, I was looking at your website collection again.. always enjoyable. Your photography is excellent! I notice the variants in the 1802 EM type eagle feathers. Also quite interesting.
  5. Yeah.. Moscow has a big outbreak and is shut down. Same here. I am near Boston, but away from the city. Hopeful for the BS to be over with. I have no work. I hope you both get your coins soon!
  6. I did not bid (should have!) There were some very nice grade coppers there. I sure hope some of the folks here did well!
  7. Looks like hammer price was 400 Euros... You were right on, Sigi! Any luck?
  8. This one looks very nice... but sadly I am not buying any treasure these days! Will be curious to see the result.
  9. Im still looking for an 1802 KM 5K one year type bird! Any number of feathers is ok! ☺️
  10. Of course, Markov is a worthwhile resource, having auctioned a Constantine Ruble in The New York Sale several years ago. Jim Elman, World Wide Coins of California, is another long time Numismatist and dealer, and has been very active in the Russian Numismatic Society. He has sold many famous collections such as those of Brekke, RW Julian, and many others. He has seen it all. Perhaps more than Markov. He is in Santa Rosa California. I can pm to you his tel. and email.
  11. Hi resolution photos, please. Nothing more to be said without photos, im afraid.
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