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  1. squirrel

    2 kopecks 1757-1762

    Thank you for the mint id! The overstruck coins are most interesting to me, but good to see my little group is diverse as to mint!
  2. Could you point out the distinction? Is it the feather pattern?
  3. squirrel

    2 kopecks 1757-1762

    Thanks, Sigi! I am mostly practicing with my camera, and trying new ways to post photos here, without the upload size limit. I have not shown the other duplicate 2k Elizabeth i have, but i thought a group photo would be a good start. I am also having fun digging thru coins i have not looked at in years. There is no way to make ugly copper pretty, but a good photo helps! Maybe next i will do a 1k, polushka, and denga momogram type group photo?
  4. squirrel

    2 kopecks 1757-1762

    I would like to show my small collection of 2K copper, from the Elizabeth years..
  5. See! This is why I need a translated version ! Thanks, guys for the info!
  6. Also, i am correct that my 1762 is a Scroll type 3?
  7. I am embarrased, Eugene, that i did not connect this thread with your previous sharing of your work in the 2016 article.. re reading, i had even posted my compliments there! I have now looked at your other works that you have translated to English, thank you! And discovered your website! Sadly, Russian for me is limited besides what i have gleaned from numismatics, to a single college semester, covering very basic topics, including proper cursive writing, and a limited vocabulary and conjugations. To tell you how long ago the class was, the instructor was an older lady whom came to the US from Moscow, and was very excited to tell the class about a gentleman named Yeltsin, and some political changes happening back home! In those days, I struggled through my copy of Uzdenikov in Russian. When the English/Russian version was published I bought one of the first available! (From Basok?) So i know time is precious, and goes by quickly, so if not an in depth translation perhaps a brief synopsis in English someday. The distinction of eagle variants is most interesting! Regards. Josh
  8. I am having a hard time seeing differences in the eagles. I have not seen Eugene's guide, is it online? I assume the scroll types are from this guide?
  9. Apologies for the high grade of ugliness on that second 1759MM.. its my duplicate ugly.
  10. I like this topic.. I will show my small collection of Elizabeth 5k copper.
  11. Certainly spectacular! I too am jealous. Closest i think for me is 1759 and 1760 MM and ugly!
  12. squirrel

    1704 Grivennik, well loved.

    Wow, never have seen that. I assumed jewelry. I have always avoided holed coins as a rule, but this was still attractive to me, and a bargain find!