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  1. Hi resolution photos, please. Nothing more to be said without photos, im afraid.
  2. I have been enjoying some youtube videos lately. Sergey is quite an entertaining Vlogger. His walks around St Petersburg are great light hearted narated sightseeing. He travels all over Russia. This video is from a conference of vloggers in the Urals, where he encounters a group of women displaying Bashkir culture. They are wearing traditional Bashkir dresses, handed down generations, each with an impessive collection of silver coins. Skip to 7:25 to see!
  3. This could be a fascinating missing link in history! Did your father buy this from a little old Russian lady by the name of Anastasia Nikolaevna?
  4. Nothing to add regarding the variant. Been looking at the pics. But the color, as Sigi writes, makes me suspicious. The aging appears artificial, and bright copper high spots seem too red. Could just be the image, of course. Reminds me of a very nice 1802 EM 5K I bought from a European ebay seller many years ago, similar coloring and apparent grade. Once in hand, an obvious copy. No pics, sorry. Sent it back.
  5. с новым годом!
  6. ohh.. come on Sigi! You wouldnt mind sifting through for rarities, on the one in a million chance!
  7. That 1757 has a lot of wonderful detail from both coins! Very nice!
  8. Welcome Swedishcopper. Interesting to learn these are hunted for by Russian and Swedish specialists. Of course! I would think the Avesta 5 kopeck is another coin of interest to you! I picked this 1k up on ebay long ago for a bargain.
  9. Catalog pages you linked show results from past auctions, and one upcoming auction. I have no comment on authenticity or grade.
  10. I vote for 1712, but regardless, its a nifty error brokage. Looks to me like BI
  11. I wonder if the gender of the various eagle designs has been researched. It is well known that among birds of prey, including the (single headed) Eagle, the female is typically larger than the male of the species. Perhaps the same characteristic is true for our Imperial 2 headed friend. If so, how to tell?
  12. Thank you for the mint id! The overstruck coins are most interesting to me, but good to see my little group is diverse as to mint!
  13. Could you point out the distinction? Is it the feather pattern?
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