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  1. Later eagle. Wings down type. Hard to see, but it's there. Really worn out. Was jewelry of some kind, from the solder spot at 12 o'clock
  2. Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    This brings back memories of a nice trip to DC to visit my brother. I discovered the exhibit by chance, in November 2003, as the museum was closing for the day. I had to rush the photos, (leaving early the next morning) . My first digital camera was a Canon G1, and light was poor at the exhibit, and obviously a flash would not work thru the glass. handheld with out a tripod explains the poor focus of those pics. Times sure have changed, and the typical phone has a camera 10 times sharper, even in low light. I looked at my archive, and found one that didnt make those photos in your link.. Thank you for sharing all those great images of coins "in the wild"!!
  3. 5 kop.1787EM - new(1788) type - Bitkin R4

    wonderful topic! very educational. Research is impressive!
  4. Is the collecting hobby changing?

    Good God, I sure hope so!
  5. Lucky copper overstrike

    Very unique!
  6. your opinion please

    I agree with GxSeries. Old cleaning and age or artificial re toning can give that appearance. Otherwise seems genuine from your photos.
  7. Moldavia & Wallachia coins 1771 - 1774 set

    Great presentation !
  8. Wonderful, and Congratulations, Eugene. If the English version becomes available, I will certainly add it to my little library. The photography looks to be very well done.
  9. Yudin medal - whose hand is holding orb?

    If his hand holds the orb, where is her hand going? Is that the question? He is smiling, after all.
  10. Yudin medal - whose hand is holding orb?

    Alexi. The decoration on his sleeve matches his robe. Optical illusion! edit: maybe.. . now i am confused. Perhaps this is copied from a painting. Find the painting! It will have colors!
  11. Bay State Coin Show 2016

    I havent gone in a few years, but have had good luck in the past, as a humble collector. I am not a dealer. Markov was a regular. He always had a good stock. Basok, many many years ago. Not sure if he still comes to Boston. Other dealers are hit and miss with Russian material, like the typical show.
  12. A couple of rare 5 kopecks

    Ugly coins need love too... I have always felt that way in hunting for the harder to find examples. Especially overstruck.
  13. Sincona auction 24

    I pretty much stopped recreational spending on coins around the time my son was born. He will be 7 years old next month! Apparently, I now collect Transformers and Lego.