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    AT or NT?

    Another question I should know the answer to but don't: How can you go about artificially toning coins? I'm a materials engineering major so all of this intrigues me.
  2. thedeadpoint

    AT or NT?

    NT or AT? Could you clarify what those mean? thanks
  3. I'm so jealous. I have never, ever, ever found a star note in circulation.
  4. Books are preferable but the cheapest, most accessible tool is the internet. Heritage is good at showing good, interactive images of coins in all grades and tones. Furthermore you get approximate up-to-the-minute market values for them so you know what to expect to spend. Newspapers and magazines do give the occaisional advice and info on what I'm focusing on.
  5. Actually, looking at the VG coin again... keep it. She looks like a zombie.
  6. I think you've made an upgrade. Consider if you're showing your collection to some non-numismatist friends. Which coin would they be more impressed with? Personally, I've passed up a few needed dates because they had carbon spots or other ugly detractions. I'm waiting for that one coin that meets my standards for grade, eye appeal, and budget.
  7. I don't know a lot about die cracks but the two "Spiked Head" clad quarters have very similar looking die cracks in about the same spot. Are there ever any dies in which the crack is not noticed and, therefore, the same crack can be noticed in the following year (or the next state as in the quarter series)? Perhaps the crack just propagates too much and the die fails catastrophically before its been used way too long.
  8. *drool* I was with my father a few years ago and he showed me a '57 $1 Silver Cert. he found in some change. Currently I'm searching for a few of the key notes to finish off my 1923 through 57 series. (Anyone want to spot me a few dozen K for some nice star notes?) Anywho, I credit that circulation find to my currency side of the hobby. My father also received a few '57s from a bank teller but didn't realize it til later that they were sequential. Had he known earlier, he would have gone right back to the bank and asked for the rest of that batch. So for the last 6 years or so, I haven't seen a single silver certificate in circulation. I'd love to find one now.
  9. Luckily you already have one of those right? Anywho, no one has yet to tell me where the Richmond name comes from! My hometown? Another city? or just some bum named Richmond?
  10. I see on Heritage Auctions that they've auctioned off some coins with a pedigree from the "Richmond Collection." I hail from Richmond, Va and I'm just plain curious if there is a famous collection sharing the city with me. Cursory research online says its a very significant collection for what it contained. I have heard the local Du Pont family (of Du Pont Corporation fame) has a few of the big rarities like a 1913 V nick or two. Maybe this is their collection. Anyone know anything about the Richmond Collection? Thanks - Native Son to Richmond
  11. Does anyone know of any decent coin clubs in Chicago or the 'burbs there?
  12. The coin stores in the Richmond, Va area have an older crew working them and I've always wondered how the store will be handed down to the next generation if I don't see younger people working them. I keep meaning to go in more often, make myself known as a serious, trusted youngin' and eventually offer some help when I'm home for summer and winter breaks. Back at school in Chicago, I plan to drop by a local coin shop there, check it out and tell them that I'm looking for a job. Probably the only thing that could force me out of bed early on a Saturday morning would be a visit to a coin shop. And if it were my job, wow... i'd be in heaven. So, hopefully come October I'll be spending a few good hours each week tending to the inventory, helping out with the busy work, and climbing the ladder so one day I'll be able to have the healthy choice of pursuing engineering or having a coin shop. Maybe I'll just do really well in school and the first few years out so I can have a coin shop on the side
  13. I received my first Barber dime (in a decent grade) to start my new series. Just arrived today from a Heritage Auction. 1914 AU 58. Handsome coin. I can't figure out how to upload the pics nicely, so here is the link for you Heritage members out there: http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...dNo=6010&zoom=1
  14. I just received my second win from Heritage since I started using them about 2 weeks go. Its a handsome 1914 Barber 10c in AU 58. Nothing too special but hopefully the start of a gorgeous series. Well priced too. My first win was a 1923 Woods-White $1 Silver Cert. Anywho, I'm very pleased with Heritage and am not as worried about their shipping practices because everything has arrived timely and in good shape.
  15. Thanks Hussulo. That sounds much more accurate than the sites I looked at. I'll have to check the receipt, but I think I paid something around the values you listed.
  16. I came across a gold coin in my collection that I purchased in the Middle East in a nice jewelry store. I'd love to give you a pic but I'm not good with the close ups. The coin is the same as the center-right coin in the Coinpeople.com title above. The obverse: Georgivs V D. G. Britt: Omn: Rex F. D. Ind: Imp: with Presumably King George V facing left. The reverse: is of St. George as seen above. The date is 1927 and the mint is South Africa (SA). Now, i'm a lowly US coin collector so I'm not familiar with this coin at all. Basic research online quotes values in the hundreds of pounds. Again, I'm not a UK coin expert but I don't see any hints at counterfeit and the jeweller was reputable. I'll be happy to give more info if necessary if someone could please help me with the identity, the authenticity, and worth of the coin! Thanks, thedeadpoint.
  17. I just started using Heritage a few days ago. They have a HUGE selection of auctions and "Buy Now" stuff. For the notes and coins I need, Heritage seems to be the only place where its readily available. I do NOT like buying anything sight-unseen but Heritage has pictures of the lots. You can zoom in on them to a large degree and change the lighting so you can notice flaws and creases normal lighting hides. I was outbid at the last minute for a few lots last night. Won one though . Will see in a few days if its a quality buy. The bids were way too high for some lots but great for others. Anywho, I may be addicted. Let's see how I like them in a few months.
  18. I agree that Barber Qs and Halves are fantastic looking with wear. I also think the dimes are equally good-looking.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm a newer member, so I haven't seen any forums on this subject. Anywho, I know you guys will be kind enough to answer. Heritage Online Auctions offer many of the key notes and coins I'm trying to track down. I've never been part of an auction and never used eBay. I'm curious to know who I'm bidding against and who wins the lots. Are these dealers who monitor these lots dozens at a time or mostly individual collectors? If you can give me some advice and clarify those points, I'd be very greatful. thedeadpoint.
  20. I'm starting on the Barber dime series with coins at least XF. However, I cannot find a coin at all the places I have checked (online, in shops, at a convention) that is XF or higher (and not way expensive). Another member has noted that XF-AU Barber dimes have become noteworthy for their scarcity. That seems to be the case. I can find the dimes in more circulated grades and in higher grades but none in these middle grades. I'm curious to know if this is the same experience for anyone else out there trying this series. Let me know what you think, thedeadpoint.
  21. Hi, everyone. Just stumbled across this site today. I hope its a lot of help and a lot of fun. I've been a collector for a good amount of time. Tomorrow I'll be in Baltimore hoping to find some keys for my collection. I'm nearing the completion of a decent Peace Dollar series and a great $1 Silver Certificate (beginning 1923) collection. Since I do not have a huge budget, I will be have to be patient for some of the key bills/notes in these series as well as another series I'm working on. In the meanwhile, I'd like to start another series and need some advice. I've always been intrigued with indian cents, liberty nickels, and the barbers. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which series is the best for me to focus my attention, patience, and money on? I'm leaning towards the Barber Dimes. They seem to be a good balance between adventure and budget. The V nicks are gorgeous, affordable in great condition, but there are only a few coins that will require some patience. The Indian Head pennies are also gorgeous, would provide a good hunt, but will require a larger budget. The Barber dimes would provide more of a hunt than the nickels but wouldn't need the budget of indian head cents. I'm thinking of pursuing the dimes in XF or higher grades. Could anyone let me know what they think or suggest? Thanks and I'm looking forward to becoming a regular forum member. PS. I'm live in the Va area but go to school at Northwestern in Chicago.
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