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  1. According to the westegg.com inflation calculator: 1795 gold eagle was worth $20 in 1883 money which is equivalent to $383 in 2005 money. That 1815 half eagle worth $400 in 1883 would cost us $7645 in 2005 money. See what supply and demand has done to make today's values much less budget-friendly!
  2. Woody Guthrie would be great because of his folk music legacies. When I think of Oklahoma, I think of the some of the last land afforded to Native Americans. If they had a respectful memorial to them on their coin, it would be very deserving.
  3. Real or not, i think it's funny that the signature is exactly like (very similar to) the engraved one. Of course it should be, but how often are you able to replicate your own signature between two documents in such a similar manner? You can tell it's the end of summer for me and I'm going back to school soon. I can't figure out my own logic. Me speak bad. I hope Chicago is at least warm.
  4. Well, my first guess was someone just copying the signature for fun. But now that I see that she signed some of the bills, I'd say it was an authentic signed copy accidentally put into circulation. If you could get a better, larger, more detailed picture, it would give more clues. Maybe take a digital photograph and have some better lighting to detail the texture more.
  5. A few years ago I visited Dahlonega, Ga. Most of you know that Dahlonega hosted the mint that produced many a wanted coin. in the heart of the town they have a small business where tourists pay a small fee to pan in the creek running under main street. I found a good amount of flakes to take home.
  6. You have posted some very spectacular notes in recent days. I'm so so so jealous...
  7. I have my notes in safe, static-free plastic plies. Each note is organized in the logical manner on different shelves inside a large fireproof (up to 2000 F) cabinet. The cabinet is climate-controlled. I can control the humidity, inside pressure, and temperature by my computer from anywhere. The lighting in the cabinet is such that visitors to my house can gaze at my collection easily. The lighting does not fade the note as much as other lights but provides the best visibility. They are not in a safe but the cabinet has its own security system. All the notes are insured in the best manner possible. That's my system. Oh wait.... no it isn't... Mine are just in their safe plastic sleeves in some envelopes on my desk.
  8. Received it over the weekend but just saw it for the first time: 1916 MS-62 Barber dime won it sight-unseen on a heritage auction. was worried because they usually have fantastic pictures and sometimes they don't list in text if the coin is cleaned/damaged. Luckily, she is beautiful, retains most luster, and not damaged/cleaned!
  9. Welcome! And Yay! for young engineering coin collectors.
  10. It's often difficult to find some notes in crisp condition. One light fold can drop it a full grade whereas in coins, common bagmarks must be numerous and violent to do major grading damage.
  11. I LOVE QATAR and have a bunch of their riyals from when I lived there. My mom still goes there a couple times a year for business.
  12. ¡recepción! (sorry if that's incorrect. Babelfish translated)
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I'll probably go with online. My environmental side helped convince me. Also, I tend to allow the old newspapers to collect up on my floor "waiting to be read." Also, with most of my schoolwork on the computer, I'll have something else to distract me on the screen. Mmarotta, thank you very much for reminding me how valuable the electronic archives will be. Also also... when i visit home on breaks, I can paruse CW Thank again, guys
  14. Like most of you said, a raw coin allows you to appreciate the coin as an object of history and art much more than a slab. I don't have the budget I'd like to have for collecting. Therefore, most of the coins in my collection are raw because they're cheaper and there is more room for grading error. However, if there is a key coin or a high grade coin, I'd buy the slab. This gives me much more assurance that the coin is genuine. On a more superficial level, it protects the big money I've managed to invest into the coin. As many of you noted, the current market is very picky with regards to grading. Suppose I find a slabbed MS65 but find the money to upgrade to a more eye-appealing coin, I'll want to sell the 65 coin to help pay for the other one. Many dealers/collectors will buy a slab much more readily because of the TPG stamp of approval. In summary: I go raw when I can. But I go slab when i need to invest my scarce income into that even scarcer coin. I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense. Remember, I'm a poor college student.
  15. I know my materials science profs would kick me for not knowing the best answer to this question. I know sulfer in pretty much any form is never good for most coins, so I imagine it will have some reactivity with gold.
  16. I went to the bank and asked for 2 rolls of dimes, 3 rolls of nickels, and 6 rolls of pennies to search through (it's been a while since I've done this.): Nickels: 1939 - I just had to sit back and wonder of the places that coin has seen in its 67 years. 1961 1961 D 2 1964's 1964 D 2 1969 D's 1970 S - Haven't come across an S in a long while. a bunch of other 70's 2 keelboats 2 peace pipes 11 Ocean in Views 6 2005 Buffaloes 1913 V Nick Nothing worthwhile in the dimes. So far, of 2 rolls of pennies, nothing interesting except this 1974 cent that looks like its made of aluminum... hmm.. thats odd. Maybe the other 4 rolls will yield me AT LEAST a wheatie. I guess this bank is in too new an area of town to have anything worthwhile passing through it.
  17. thedeadpoint

    Wide AM

    Is it at all possible for Wide AM varieties to exist for other dates besides 98, 99, 00?
  18. I don't see any problems with the 1984 coin. From the redbook, the doubled ear variety looks very prominent and i dont see that prominence in your coin. that doubled ear variety is the one i look for most on the 1984/1997 coins.
  19. I don't see any problems with the 1984 coin. From the redbook, the doubled ear variety looks very prominent and i dont see that prominence in your coin. that doubled ear variety is the one i look for most on the 1984/1997 coins.
  20. I'm looking to renew my Coin World subscription. I love having a good print material to read before bed but at the same time I don't want to contribute to the deaths of more trees. Considering that the subs. price for online and print editions of the publication are the same, which edition do you prefer and why?
  21. Dad found a 1957 $1 Silver Certificate in change we were about to use to buy dinner. He showed me the significance of it. It was the first time I realized that Federal Reserve Notes weren't alone in the US. Note world. Of course my uncle giving me a gorgeous 1923 $1 helped add momentum
  22. Well... If no one has an answer to this pretty important question of what is the proper humidity, then I may just have to scour my engineering school for past research or do a little of my own
  23. Been working on US Silver Certs. since my pop found one in change. The collection will come to a close once I find the budget (couple star notes go easily for a few grand). Trying to figure out a new series to pursue while I hunt the last of the silver certs.
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