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Maybe something of concern here...

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I recently got an email from someone who is 'interested' in buying my coins at omnicoin.


But with the following content, I am kinda suspicious of what he wants,




God day to you.i would like to buy some of the coins i saw in your inventory on OMNICOIN.COM so i am wondering if you could be able to accept credit card for the payments.please if yes do let me know so that i can make an order to you.


You shouldnt worry about the shipping i will take care of it myself.I

hope to read from you soon.thanks



(name removed)



and his second email to me is as follows as well as the mail topic as "GET BACK FAST"


Hello Billy, <- not my real name


Thanks alot for your response.i am really very glad to read from you.i would like you to let me give me your id so that i can be able view your inventory.then list out those that interest me.


Hope to read from you soon.


(name removed)



Maybe someone else on this forum got the same email as I did? :ninja:

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I suspect that he sent out a few emails and when he got a reply from you he didn't know which Omni ID replied...


Communication between members on OmniCoin and CoinPeople is not restricted in any way. This means that from time to time you could receive some questionable offers. Just as with any other offers coming from the Internet, be careful!

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