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Local show pickups


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Well, I thought I'd finally break down and start a new thread of my local finds. Today was a show in Three Rivers, Michigan and I was on the hunt for pesos for myself and Tiffibunny. I found a 1932 and 1933 for myself as well as an 1871 peso and 1888 8-reale. I didn't notice till I got home that the 1871 was a peso and not an 8-reale, it's slightly smaller but still more silver than a silver dollar. The last coin I found was an 1893 Columbian half in a "half off" box ironically enough!








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Very nice. I especially like the Columbian. I'm not sure why but I really have a thing for them, especially in circulated condition.

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Well, I picked this one up at a local show last weekend, it's pretty nice though weakly struck, not bad for being 169 years old. One thing I noticed today taking photos is that it's struck in medal allignment, while the 1888 I have is struck in coin allignment. Does anyone know if that's the way they were supposed to be struck? or is this a 180-degree die rotation?




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