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Russian Medal Query


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I recently purchased the following aluminum medal on Ebay for .99 plus postqage.




The medal is a little over two inches in diameter and has a green acrylic coating (applied as part of the production of the medal). The legend refers to Leningrad and ??? Can someone help me out with the translation? I assume it refers to the ship or to some sort of heros (the medals below the inscription. The medal is signed on the reverse to the lower right of the Lenin statue. I am assuming it is a mint issue based on no good reasoning except that I saw another such medal refered to as mint issue. Can anyone help me out with more information?

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You got a bargain there Bill - I wished I owned something like that.


The translation would roughly be "The hero city - Leningrad". Now what is more interesting is the medals minted on the medal.


One of them is an extremely "scarce" type of medal minted by Leningrad Mint as well as the ridicious workmanship on the medal. The most left medal depicted there is what I am talking. It is minted in platinum and gold :ninja: Such medals usually fetch some insane figures - the last I have seen went over 4 figures easily.


I am not too suprised if it is an original medal minted by Leningrad Mint or better known as St. Petersburg mint.

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Thank you for the help with the interpretation. I thought it might be something like that, but it was beyond my ability to interpret correctly.


The medals up close:




With the help of gxseries web reference they would appear to be (from left to right): 2 Orders of Lenin, 1 Order of the October Revolution, and 1 Order of the Red Banner. I would thus guess the medal is honoring the Baltic Fleet for its role in the Siege of Leningrad (it also received the Red Banner for its role in the October Revolution). The October Revolution medal places this medal post 1967 (something I would have guessed anyway). If it commemorates the role of the fllet in the Siege of Leningrad, it likely dates to 1991 - 1994 time frame.

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