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Medieval; 501 CE - 1500 CE

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Enter your medieval coins in this thread;


Requirements are;


1) One photograph of coin to be entered, (as hosted on omnicoin, please give just the direct address of the picture, so basically the address minus the tags)







2) A description of what the coin is, where it is from and roughly when it was minted.



Maximum entries per category for each entrant is two coins, at present.

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My two entries:




Republic of Modena in Italy circa 1226 -1293 issued in the name of Frederick II as Holy Roman Emperor (FDC centre on reverse surrounded by INPERATOR)




From the Commune of Bergamo in Lombardy (circa 1250 -1350) during the period when ruled by Milan. Struck in the name of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and bearing his bust obverse. Reverse shows city towers with name (BER) G A M U M split either side.

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