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Reprocessed 1943 P, D & S? Set DONE


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This auction is for the following three coins:


[click images for larger version]


[1] 1943 Steel Cent, reprocessed & toned






[2] 1943 D Steel Cent, reprocessed & toned






[3] 1943 S? Steel Cent, reprocessed & Weak 4, possibly filled die. Not sure what is going on with the mint mark.




Bidding Starts at face value, $0.03 cents.


Shipping is free on this one.


Auction ends Sunday, March 26th at 11:59pm PST.


Thanks for looking and have fun!



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Wow! This is heating up. Are you sure these are reporossed and not originals?




Looking at the coins in hand they are in wonderful condition, the details down to the wheat heads are there. But the letters, when right next to an unprocessed one, look thicker. The mintmarks are bulkier, or in case of the S? above unreadable. See this photo here. Take a look at the picture, reprocessed '43s have that unnatural shine that 60 year old coins just dont have.


Our High bid is $0.45. Thank you for everyones bids so far.



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