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Another Coin Club raffle


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Basically it's the same sort of deal with Blackhawk's $1 each or 6 for $5. The show is held on April 23, which is when the drawing is held. There are seven total prizes: 1. a $10 Liberty 2. a $5 Liberty, 3. 1/10th oz. Gold eagle 4. BU Morgan dollars (I think it's a group of either 3 or 5, can't recall exactly) 5. BU Peace dollars (same number as the Morgans) 6. 5 oz. silver and 7. 3 oz. silver. If you are interested, please let me know by 4/4 as that is when our next club meeting is and I'll be picking up the last tickets that I have sold to folks. I can spot you the funds for that meeting if need be, otherwise you can pay by cash, check or Paypal as long is it's not from a credit card.


This is our club's only fundraiser for the year, so I appreciate your support!

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I :ninja: raffles! I'm in for $5 also. My database is at home. Please pm your addy. to me, Jeff, and I'll shoot a check out to you today from work.

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