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Some Testons and Francs - Part 2.


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These ones are all `royal' portraits (kings of France), starting with Francis 1.

This one being a silver teston minted at Cremieu by the mint master Pierre le Maistre, one year only (crown mm). Difficult to get hold of these days.




A silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX (1561). During this year money continued to be struck bearing the effigy of Henri II. This one was minted at Bayonne (L mm).




Another silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. This one is referred to as `teston du Dauphine as the reverse bears the arms of France and Dauphine). This one was minted at Grenoble (Z mm under the shield). Portraits did not wear well on this type coin (my excuse and i'm sticking to it!)




A silver teston 0f 1562 bearing the youthfull image of Charles IX, minted at Paris mint (A mm under bust) during the second year of his reign. A nice collectable grade coin. Date in latin on reverse (MDLXII)




A silver teston bearing the image of Henri III of France, this one dated 1576 and from Bayonne (L mm under shield). Interestingly, the obverse legend is `blundered' in that it should read `DG Fran et Pol Rex' and not `DG Fan.....




A pair of silver Francs of Henri III of France (type `Franc au Col Plat') both minted at Paris mint. The one on the right has been struck on an oversized flan and is split at the date making it difficult to date the coin precisely. To me it is either 1583 or 1588. I err towards the latter.. It is however the best portrait coin I have of Henri III of France. These coins are (roughly) crown size. I have others of earlier dates and different mints if anyone wants to see other examples.




A silver half franc of Henri IV of France minted at Aix en Provence (small `I' within the C of Benedictum , reverse legend). Portrait coins of Henri IV of France are difficult to get hold of and generally expensive when you can. This one is in collectable nick IMHO.




Last one for now is a silver quarter franc of Louis XIII of France minted at Toulouse (M mm under bust) Portrait francs and their fractions of Louis XIII are notoriously difficult to get hold of and generally expensive when you can. This one has been well `shaved' of its silver in days gone by but still serves as a colectable coin and a reasonable portrait of LXIII.



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Ever think you were born in the wrong century Ian ? I have many times. Trouble is I can never make up my mind which one appeals to me the most  :lol:


Nice examples all  :ninja:


For me it's more like `wrong planet' Doug. :cry:

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I like, thanks for sharing.


One of my favourite coins is the Metz teston / quarter ecu (posted in `part 1' earlier) . Nice detail to the bust of Cardinal Charles II of Lorraine, Bishop of Metz. I was exceedingly lucky to find one in such a nice condition..... You know what we Scots are like when it comes to making the most of tight budgets. There's lots of others i'd dearly love to get hold of when the finances and my long suffering missus allow. :ninja:

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