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GOETZ: The Capture of Antwerp 1914 Commemorative

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I finally received the two Antwerp commemoratives from Germany and got this first one imaged and ready to show off.


This is an unrecorded Goetz commemorative for this 12 day siege to capture Antwerp.


First shot to show the beautiful toning...

Second shot to show the proof fields and state of conservation for this RRR medal....

Third shot to show detail of the toned obverse...


I'll now get busy on the companion medal....


GOETZ, Unrecorded, Capture Of Antwerp WWI Commemorative, 1914, Struck Silver, 33.4mm, 14.60g, RRR, Prachtexemplar, Polierte Platte, Zetzmann 4038.





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The first one is simply amazing! I love the color, the releif, the fields ... you name it, I love it :ninja:

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Another Goetz attribute is the eagle on the helmet of Wilhelm...if you look at any other coin or medal with a war helmeted bust device you'll immediately see that there is very little detail to the eagle, particulary on the exposed wing. No one does eagles like Goetz, and this is a perfect example of his expertise. He would actually engrave the die by hand!

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