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Another Sleeper Bites the dust...New Washington


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I call it a sleeper when I can buy a coin for a song that looks terrible from the image, but that I feel will be a stunner in hand. So far I have never purchased a sleeper and had it turn out to be a dog....I just have a knack for spotting something in a crappy image that gives me a sense the the coin might be quite different in hand. It may be the description...or the image itself but something just sets off an alarm in my brain and since the downside is minimal with these cheap coins....what the heck.


So I bought this PCGS 1958-D MS65:





and received this: (Note the damage up towards the "B" in Liberty is on the pastic insert and not the coin)







Just a little bit of a difference....and for $14 bucks I don't think I will lose any sleep over the deal :ninja:

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