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2003 Ukraine 5 Hryven Easter


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German silver

Weight: 16.54

Diam: 35.0


Rim: incised



In circulation since April 22, 2003


The coins are dedicated to one of the greatest holiday in the Christian religion which is accompanied by all-night service, ceremonial religious processions, ringing of church bells and singing songs, glorifying Jesus Christ, whose resurrection has become a triumph of eternal life over death.


On the coin obverse there is a composition made of seven Easter eggs decorated with ornamental patterns of various regions of Ukraine. In the middle of the composition there is the small State Emblem of Ukraine, above which there is the coin mintage year - 2003; Surrounded by a conventionalized pussy-willow ornamentation there are inscriptions:

on the German silver coin - УКРАЇНА, 5 ГРИВЕНЬ.

On both coins there is the Mint logo of the National Bank of Ukraine.


On the coin reverse there is a multi-figured composition (solemn coming out of a church headed by a priest and carrying the shroud of Christ, crosses, gonfalons and candles) representing the traditional ceremony of consecration above which there is the inscription: ВЕЛИКДЕНЬ (Easter).


Artist: Mykola Kotchubey. Sculptor: Roman Chaikovskiy.

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