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New Jefferson Nickels


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I firgure I'll start seeing them in change about 2010. So for I've only seen two post 2002 nickels in circulation here. One 2003-P about four months ago, and a 2004-P Keelboat about 6 weeks ago. Last week one of the nurses at the hospital brought me a strange coin that she had never seen before. She had shown it around upstairs and no one else had ever seen anything like it before either so she was advised to bring it down to me. It was a 2004-P Peace medal nickel.


(Back in 1997 on a Compuserve coin forum we had a contest to see who could build the most complete jefferson nickel set from pocket change, no roll searching. Most of the post 1962 coins were easy but I noticed that I couldn't seem to find the 1997 nickels. I have tracked the 1997 nickels in my change ever since then. So far in nine years I have seen 7 97-P and 6 97-D nickels. Everything else through 2002 shows up regularly, but not the 97's or anything after 2002.)

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