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Shooting medal and coin picture(s)

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That's a beauty :ninja:

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and another


That one is denominated, and although issued to commemorate the shooting festival of the same date, it was actually a coin with legal tender status rather than a medal.


Was it actually issued prior to the festival in question(?) Issued as prizes to competitors(?). Seems to be in the same vein as a shooting taler. I'd still like to get hold of one none the less. :-)



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Yes Ian it is a coin. I should have made my first post "Shooting medals and coins" to be more accurate.


The Swiss minted coins in commemoration of Schützenfests as well as medals as you may know. The Vaud 1845 Lausanne 1 Franken in question is a coin minted to commemorate the Federal shoot of that year but is not considered a Taler. The coin was struck in 1846 commemorating the shoot of 1845.



A little information regarding talers...


There are 19 Shooting Talers:

1842 Graubunden

1847 Glarus

1855 Solothurn

1857 Bern

1859 Zurich

1861 Stans

1863 La Chaux-De-Fonds

1865 Schaffhausen

1867 Schwyz

1869 Zug

1872 Zurich

1874 St. Gallen

1876 Lausanne

1879 Basel

1881 Fribourg

1883 Lugano

1885 Bern

1934 Fribourg

1939 Lucerne


The 1842 Graubunden is a 4 Franken piece, the 1847 Glarus is a 40 Batzen piece and the balance are 5 Franken pieces.


A Taler was struck by the federal government to commemorate the Shooting contest held for the specific year.

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