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1908-O Barber Half Dollar

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Well, here it is, my last Katrina auction featuring a New Orleans minted coin from the year before the mint ceased operations. This is a 1908-O Barber Half dollar which I would grade G (look at the photos and form your own opinions). As promised to Tiffybunny, I am ending this one on Sept. 26, after she gets back from vacation. This would be a nice addition to a type set with a nice 97 year old patina. It's not a particularly valuable coin, but hopefully with the generosity of the folks on these boards, it will help to make a difference in the lives devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The proceeds from this one will go to the Salvation Army. I will pay for the shipping to anywhere on the planet. You can pay by check, money order, Bidpay, or Paypal (no Credit Cards, sorry). The high bid will win the coin, and that is the amount that will be donated. Thanks for donating!

Starting Bid: $9.00

Minimum Bid Increment: $0.50

Auction ends Monday, Sept. 26 at 4:00 Central Time GMT-6:00 (bids time stamped before 4:01 will be counted!)

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