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Collecting world pattern coins?


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Not too sure if anyone collects pattern coins and I don't actively collect them.

Turns out I bought a few along the way while I was hoarding all kinds of coins and decided to catalog what I had.

Here's the link for it:

I personally like this low grade pattern coin struck in cannon metal. Must have been accidently released in circulation.


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Hello gxseries nice pattern. You may have read my other post called please read well any way ragarding the place mentioned that you sayd you knew nothing about it. I was interested when I saw someone with the same name and same post of this same coin anyway I just want to say I'm not mad or anything but I was wondering why you lied, please DONT get the wrong impression or any thing and if you feel uncomfortable for some reason DONT feel obligated to respond.


Please no one lock this I DONT want to ruin this post for gx.

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Interesting that the Goetz pattern piece appears to have been handled, carried as a pocket piece, or maybe even circulated. Maybe it was just poorly handled by a collector over the years or fogotten in a desk drawer.

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