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  1. I have a LCS down on lakeshore(I live in Mississauga Ontario) named century its a fun little place That for the most meets my needs. Also try to go to tired once a year.
  2. I got a 1922 Canadian nickel in change:-)
  3. I agree with EF or high vf I DONT know what it is but the beard looks tooled I very well could and probably am wrong.
  4. Last week I pulled a first year 1922 kgv nickle from change. Wow
  5. At the mall a while ago and saw what I call a sin. So this is what happened, I went to buy a smoothie when like all of us on this forum I looked at a charity bin, at this point I'm having a heart attack as I have seen the work of the devil . . . . . A bunch of canadian coins from BU or even a PL set and here's the worst part they were all face down and the portrait wasn't from the 80's but the young Elizabeth portrait with the young head wearing the wreath circa 1953-1964. What has the world come to OH THE HORROR,. . . THE HORROOOORR
  6. I may have started this thread but I'll get the ball rolling. It depends on the collector for example I collect canadian silver dollars so I will talk About J.O.P. dollars, I personally think it is damage to the coin and wonder how people could pay so much for them and how you can still have a coin with such a deep punch in to it and have it grade MS-64 when it is clearly damaged and then command a crazy premium for it when it is still post mint damage of an illegal nature. POST ON EVERY ONE.
  7. Seeing as I am sure most of us are aware of what chopmarks, j.o.p. and conterstamps are. Chopmarks-(especially if you collect 8 reales or trade dollars) and if you DONT they are like counter stamps accept done by the Chinese it is a bit hard to put in to words but it is associated with trade in China thus the name trade dollar any way search it up if you DONT know as it is a neat story. Counterstamps- like chopmarks accept done by private parties such as businesses (usually a name or initials or an image stamped on the coin. J.O.P.- This is the initial of a canadian jeweler, he s
  8. Headed to 2 shops on the weekend well see what I can get should be fun one is in a flee market, not my favorite atmosphere but when the owner leaves for a cigarette I get to watch the stand and search for whatever I want same stuff but I always find new stuff this is also the place I talked about in my post ms 66 should be fun :-) can't wait ⏳
  9. Hello gxseries nice pattern. You may have read my other post called please read well any way ragarding the place mentioned that you sayd you knew nothing about it. I was interested when I saw someone with the same name and same post of this same coin anyway I just want to say I'm not mad or anything but I was wondering why you lied, please DONT get the wrong impression or any thing and if you feel uncomfortable for some reason DONT feel obligated to respond. Please no one lock this I DONT want to ruin this post for gx.
  10. I'd imagine that the armored vehicle would draw too much attention and you never know the thieves could some how get control of the car through bribes or a variety of things, besides when dealing with $4 mill in coins you can't trust anyone and if I had that much in coins I would be the one driving. William.
  11. Oh yeah I think I picked a couple of these out of the bargain bin.
  12. Same here there's also a video about these Nickels well actually its called cool coins sorry no link it might be a bit hard to find but when looking for it you'll see some cool coins.
  13. Thanks for the update, patience is key right:-)
  14. Thanks scottishmoney, as far as the Scottish coins go were there only shillings produced those years.because if so I will just make the 1940 set plus the Scottish shilling.
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