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slab or not?


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Often the cost of certification is greater than the value of the coin. Perhaps not so in this case but I doubt it would add anything to the value so you'd be sinking money that could otherwise be used to purchase another nice coin.

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And I'd rather have more coins


Like I said, definitely one of us.


Oftentimes when people at an ANA show realize I am staying many miles away in a Motel 6 rather than in the convention hotel they look at me funny but then I point out I am saving something like $200 (or more) doing it this way (even including the ridiculous charge to park my car in the convention center). I then point out I'd rather spend the money on coins, and they sort of get the point.

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A little hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like you half is VG at best. Also appears to have a cleaning and/or polishing judging strictly from the "shiny" color, though I can not be 100% certain. All things considered, if you slabbed it and it came back as " VG Details" "Cleaned" your ~ value is only about $40 at best. Figure 1 coin with $300 or less value will cost you a whopping $39 to grade (if you send more the price goes down, because of shipping and insurance costs), you are better off keeping it as is.

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