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  1. Yes, one needs to be careful when buy rare coins. Forgery is big money
  2. The tones are rather uneven. Seems to be the characteristics of copper nickle coins I guess.
  3. Been away for while on a hunt and manage to get a Kg George V 5cts 1920 Copper-Nickle. This may not be rare but it's a scarce coin, especially in un-circulated conditions This coin was to replace the 5 silver due a legal tender act as quoted in http://www.obsoletecoin.com "Due to "The Legal Tender (Supplementary) Enactment 1918" issued on August 1918, the issuance of the 5, 10, and 20 cents coins of lower silver (.400 fine) silver content. It proved difficult to produce 5 cents coins of sufficient size and reduced weight to be easily portable. A new 5 cents coin in Cupro Nickel was minted in 1
  4. I am totally delighted. Coin is back after grading. Did not expect a MS64 Total numbers graded is 23 and only 2 at MS64.
  5. It's been awhile since I logged in. High grade coins are hard to come by and they are expensive. Manage to get hold of one for the moment though. Below is a raw Q Victoria 1871 5cts. Conditions - Lustred UNC with undercoat shine. (Could not capture the actual beauty of the coin) Mintage - 62,000 Waiting to have it slab.
  6. My latest. Year : 1911B Variety : "B" Bombay Mint Composition : Silver .900 fine Mintage : 37,470,509 pieces Graded : MS-63. Total graded by PCGS currently - 59
  7. Here's a fine example of a Raised B from eBay. Check out the 2 pointers. A beautiful coin. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Straits-Settlements-Edward-VII-Dollar-1903-Raised-B-ANACS-AU55-Rare-/252783495318?hash=item3adb120896:g:CnMAAOSwx6pYrnjh
  8. Coin is back and I am very pleased with the grade. It's a MS66 Straits Settlements King George V Denomination : 20cts Year : 1935 Composition : Silver .600 fine Diameter : 23 mm Weight : 5.422g Mintage : 1,000,00 (For both varieties) Grade : NGC MS66 (Population graded 9) Currently the highest grade
  9. The "H" does have the same link to the Canadian coinage. Coins between the years 1858 - 1907 were minted in England either by the Royal Mint of London or the Heaton Mint in Birmingham with the "H" letter mint-mark.
  10. Tried finding out the ratio, but could not. It would be great if it is avail.
  11. Feeling happy with this new find for my collection, at a MS62 grade. High grades Kg Edward VII 50cts series are hard to come by. The 1907H "H" represents Heaton & Sons Mint, and the other without "H" is the Royal Mint. Straits Settlements Kg Edward VII Denomination : 50cts Year : 1907H Composition : Silver .900 fine Mintage : 2,666,667 (Mintage includes both "H" and non "H" mintage) Grade - MS62 (Population 1 pc. graded by PCGS / 4 pcs by NGC)
  12. 1901B - Grade MS-64. A notch higher over the MS-63 I have. Never get tired collecting these series. Enjoy!
  13. Hi everybody, Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have been quite lately, given no new materials to post. But I've been on a lookout though, and will post 2 similar year coins recently added. Yes, SS Kg Edward VII 1904 Silver Dollar. NGC Graded at MS62. Enjoy!
  14. The described coin is a fake. No such coin. Even the descriptions on the obverse is wrong. It should read "George V King Emperor" and not "George V King & Emperor of India"
  15. You may be right on that, but one other reason could be, collectors are more choosy, aiming for better / higher graded coins.
  16. A new piece to add the collection. It's getting tough and pricey finding these quality coins now. Enjoy!
  17. Interesting find indeed. Well you'll first need to check if the coin is silver or not and there are many method to confirm your find over the net. One common test is the magnet test. If the coin is attracted to strong magnet, then it is not silver and it is a fake. I see a lot of bums and irregulars on the coin surfaces. That is not a good sign. Genuine coins surfaces should be smooth. Weight of coin - 13.5g Diameter - 31mm
  18. Do show the full image of the 1903 silver dollar. I does not seems look like a fake.
  19. Nice double mint find. It can be considered as minor errors. Crack dies defects are common finds in the 5 cents, especially on the 1910 5 cents coin. They are mainly due to wear and tear from minting. I won't put it errors but rather varieties.
  20. Because I'm picking grades in collecting, I'm short of about 10 coins in completing the series. The very difficult ones are the 1920 5cts & 10cts silver. Following are as indicated are the difficult ones in high grade. 1920 5cts silver (Rare) 1920 5cts copper nickel 1916 10cts silver 1917 10cts silver 1920 10cts silver (Rare) 1917, 1918, 1919 20cts silver
  21. The best grade in record is a MS68 and only 1 piece in NGC.
  22. A total delight to gotten hold of this GEM Year: 1927 Denomination: 10cts Graded : MS67 - Current population at 48pcs in NGC's record
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