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  1. 1994 Commemorative £2 Coin Worth....you can compare at ebay for selling price.
  2. A search on Ebay you will at least see 5 people selling the same fake coin as what I had brought, and not cheap at all.
  3. Recently came across someone selling a Restrike Copy Of Straits Settlement $1 1909. As I didn't heard of a restrike for 1909, so I become curious and brought it from the person. From the pics, it looks like unc and new like prooflike coins. But once you got the coin, you see a big different. 1. Dia. 37.9mm instead of 34mm 2. weight : 26.66g (for 1903,04 with dia. 37mm, for 34mm should be 20g) 3. Non magnetic What I can said is nowadays, fake coins are making it so real even for the weights and sizes, it's really become worry for the coin collectors on finding a true real coins. As we know Straits Settlements $1 have silver content, so I did a few tests on it and failed the test, that's why I concluded this coin is fake. The tests I done are; 1. Sound test. This coin doesn't give a high and long pitch, it's give those sound like a copper-nickel pitch. 2. Magnet resistant test. As we know, silver is non magnetic and have some resistant to earth magnet. This held in a 45 degree angle, the earth magnet slide down without any resistant unlike my other silver coins. I not only brought this coin from him, I also brought a 1904B Straits Settlements coin. Amazing looking isn't it? 1. Dia. 37.9mm 2. Weight : 26.67g 3. Non magnetic 4. The artist's initials "DES" From the data above, one's will thought this is a real 1904B isn't it? But after the tests, it also proven is fake. How amazing that people can fake it so real. Even looking at sidney post on how to identify fake and real 1904 straits settlements coin, I think we coin collectors also need to upgrade ourself to able to detect all those fake coin from real.
  4. Most likely not, if cause by other coins it will be a dent in image.
  5. Like this this 1920 straits settlements 50 cent coin. I believe is a Post mint job (PMJ). Is not a error rather like is a jewellery job.
  6. PMD = Post Mint Damage , PMJ = Post Mint Job
  7. Hi Sidney, like to ask your opinion as you are the expert in Straits Settlements coin. Recently I found this 50 cent coin on the observe it show some thread of reeded edges. Is this PMD or PMJ? The shape of it is directly opposite of the ' 0 ' position of the reverse. If is a PMJ, the area there should be compressed isn't it?
  8. 2010 India 2 rupee error/variety coin I need expertise on this error coin. It is Progressive Indirect Design Transfer (PIDT) or die clash or? There are "Ghosting" on both sides as shown in the pictures Here you can see the hand, finger and the 2. Here the top have some india wordings and the logo in the middle. This photo doesn't show clearly. As compare with the normal same coin on the right, the rounded edge somehow have a line cut.
  9. I think the coin is a post mint job. Should be a 1/4 cent coin press fit on a cut out of a 1 cent coin, the purpose maybe to fool people is a mint error so as able to sell higher price
  10. Real, fake or error? 1916 straits settlement 1/4 cent coin. I do know that 1916 only have round 1/4 cent coin, 1932 is square 1/4 cent coin. This is the combine of a 1932 square coin on a 1916 round 1/4 cent design.
  11. The coin don't attract to magnet and as for weight and diameter, it should still within range.
  12. I brought this at a Flea market today. Brought it because of it unique.
  13. Hi All, I need some help on this most ugliest straits settlement coin. Is it really or fake? Is it PMD, PMJ or mint errors? 1898 50 cents straits settlement coin. Composition: Silver? Weight: 13.42g Diameter: 30.8mm
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