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I present to you the C.G.N.


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Hi all,

I'm a young Italian, I am 18 years old and I am interested in numismatics medieval, I was intrigued by your site, we do have a very similar one in Italy called Lamoneta.it.

I also wanted to talk about the Circolo Giovani Numismatici (Circle Young Numismatists) ... in England, probably, it is not very well known in Italy but enough, we also produce an annual magazine and decide who to award the prize two years "linfa giovane" for associations that promote numismatic among young people.

all our members have age less than 20 years (20 years you leave the circle), we gather online chat on our website from time to time (usually once per month).

many of our younger members, writing on behalf of journals, numismatic study at the University, collect important coins and belong to important associations.

I would like to say to the young numismatists foreigners who are present on this forum that this is a good opportunity also to learn about other guys with the same passion;

our members collect and study different coinage, some dealing with ancient coins, others (like me), medieval coins, some coins Renaissance and modern coins.

register is seeker free, I also leave the link to our official website; inside you will find the e-mail to contact us if you want to subscribe or ask for information.




hello, Magdi


P.S. the site is in Italian, but if you do not know, you can translate it with google translator






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