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BIG Lot of German 10 Pfennigs - ENDED

Guest Stujoe

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This is for the 93, Yes...Ninety Three, German 10 Pfennigs shown below. There are some decent AU/Unc ones and some less than pleasant, lower grade ones but the majority are just average circulated coins. There are 93 coins in all.





Shipping is free. Cash, check, MO, or Paypal. Ends Sept 12, 2005 at 5pm Central US Time. Money goes to the Red Cross.



Here are the Dates and Mint Marks:


1949 D F G J

1950 D F G G J J

1966 F G J

1967 D F

1969 D F G J

1970 F F

1971 F F G J J

1972 D D F

1973 J

1976 F F

1978 D F J

1979 D F G G J

1980 D F G J

1981 D F F J

1982 D F G J

1983 F G J

1984 F

1985 D D F G J

1986 F F G

1988 D D D F G

1989 F G J

1990 A D F J

1991 A D D F F J

1992 A D D G G G J

1993 G J

1995 A G

1996 F


93 Total Coins



Bidding starts at $1

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