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    • Steve D'Ippolito's 1777 10 Kopeks Siberian, Russia
    • ccg's 1773 Halfpenny, UK

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Steve D'Ippolito's 1777 10 Kopeks Siberian, Russia


Siberian coppers were made out of copper by-product of a silver mine in the Altai. Since the copper contained some silver and even gold it was decided to mint coppers at a new facility in Kolyvan, but in doing so to institute a new distinctive design and make the coins to a lower weight standard (more face value per unit weight). The KM stands for Kolvyan Copper (Med'), and is not a mint mark. The very early coins in the series had edge lettering instead of the KM initials, on the larger pieces. The series ran from 1764-1781 after which the Kolyvan mint started producing regular-style coppers, of the typical Catherine II type, with the KM mintmark (and this time it was a mintmark). The Kolyvan mint was finally closed in the 1830s.


ccg's 1773 Halfpenny, UK


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