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Toned Morgan silver dollar 1988 p - ICG - MS63


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Very pretty toning. Morgans are quite beautiful. It's easy to see why they are one of the most popular series in all US coin collecting.

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Nice one looks like a slanted date. Not real sure but I think the inverted 8 . If so a rarity of R-5 and a really neat type of error . Not enough to effect price but up there on the scale.


1888-P VAM-10 Slanted Date

1888-P VAM-10A Slanted Date, Spitting Eagle Die Chip

1888-P VAM-19 Doubled Left Stars, Slanted Date

1888-P VAM-27 Slanted Date, Doubled Left Reverse

1888-P VAM-28 Doubled Ear Inside, Doubled 188, Slanted Date, Inverted 8

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