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my ** 1880 Newfoundland $2 Gold ** PIC **


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Also have on, PCGS AU58...

they are ever soooooooooooo scarce....

But, it seems very few people can see the value in them



This is true of basically every Newfoundland issue coin. The mintages are super small, but there just isn't that much collector demand for these niche coins.

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Here is a pic of one of my favorite coins in my collection ..


I've got a 1882H in my collection.

Yours is a much rarer date , but in my latest Canadian Coin news 'Trends'it puts a value on that coin of $3100 at AU 50, the next level in 'Trends' is MS-60 & that has a price of $6500.

So depending on the buyer, you maybe able to see a higher price than the 3100.00...if you were to sell it.


I purchased my 1882H at an auction for $220.00 last year.

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