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  1. I have the 2012 Volume 1, 66th edition copy of the Charlton Standard Catalogue opened beside me & it has the same reference as your 62nd edition. For this 20cent piece. There are no new notes in this book on the alignment . Just sayin'.
  2. Hi CCG According to the Canadain Government website & my little bit of knowledge on Canadian coins..none of them ever issuedgoing back to 1858, when it was controled by Gereat Britian has a Canadian Coin ever been de listed. So all Canadian Coins ever listed are still legal tender. http://www.canlii.org/en/ca/laws/stat/rsc-1985-c-c-52/latest/rsc-1985-c-c-52.html#history Scroll down to current coins Part 1 - 7.(1) look at it & part (a) as well as ( So any coin minted after 1952 says part -(a) Plus when the Royal Canadian mint Act was incorporated. part ( says that all coins us
  3. I've got a 1882H in my collection. Yours is a much rarer date , but in my latest Canadian Coin news 'Trends'it puts a value on that coin of $3100 at AU 50, the next level in 'Trends' is MS-60 & that has a price of $6500. So depending on the buyer, you maybe able to see a higher price than the 3100.00...if you were to sell it. I purchased my 1882H at an auction for $220.00 last year.
  4. If it is leagal Canadian currency, they cannot refuse to change it to paper money. BUT If it isn't rolled they can refuse it, there are guidelines of how much coinage you are allowed to change/cash in/deposit without it being rolled. Secondly, if you have a bank account ( and in these times how can you function without at least 1 ) You can simply go to a teller at your bank & make a deposit. if you don't want to roll them, make a $15.00 deposit (for an example) You can't roll 15.00 of dollar coins. A roll is 25 dollars. They would have to accept it . In my ongoing learning curve o
  5. When it comes to Canadian silver dollars, 10 = 1 dollar coins contain 6 ounces of silver. Since silver has been up in the $26- $29 dollar per ounce range, even worn silver dollars have bullion value. Also 50 cent pieces are half the weight so 10 of them would be equal to 3 ounces of pure silver bullion. I am with the others who' said you should hold on to them, get yourself a book or 2 on the subject of Canadian coins & go through your entire collection cafefully. There could be other treasures in there. Enjoy.
  6. I live in Eastern Canada, those sets are fairly common here. THat one has some very nice toning. I have one without the gold coin.
  7. I blew the photo provided up to 400% & I have all of the 1965's a blunt 5 is very square & pointed 5 variety doesn't always touch....there is space in my example. My better half has an extensive penny collection & she believes its a pointed variety. This example has large beads on the obverse, at 400 magnification there is no mistake. So a LG P5 is worth according to my Trends mag , depending on condition ...F-12 3.50, VF-20 5.00, EF-40 8.00, AU-50 14.00, MS-60b 22, MS-62rb 35.00, MS-63r 60.00, MS-64 100.00 , MS-65 350.00. I think your coin is in the very fine range...but it is
  8. In my 2011 Charlton Standard Cat. on Canadian coins, it says there are 4 types recognised. SB P5 - smallbeads pointed 5 SB B5 - smallbeads blunt 5 there is also LB P5 - Large beads pointed 5 LB B5 - Large Beads blunt 5 There is a note that -quote- 'small beads' the location of the "A" in "REGINA" on the small beads the A points between two beads. whereas on the large beads obverse it points at a bead - end- Two of the 4 types, are just face value until you hit MS 62 & up. The other 2 , SB P5 & the LB P5 are in my recent Trends magazine are $.15 for a fine 12 example
  9. thanks Constanius I had just joined photo bucket. So I could attempt to post photo's here. I still don't know how exactly to work it yet. I'll take your advice, & next time try that... I really don't know what happened to the 'H'.... I was sure it was there when I attempted to post it but I have never claimed to be a computer expert.
  10. ttp://i737.photobucket.com/albums/xx20/morefngdbs/ScannedImage.jpg I found these at a yard sale in a can of medicre coins. I paid 30.00 for the 4 of them. They are all 80% silver This is my first attempt to post pictures via a link...I can't find any other way to do it here at this site...it always tells me my scans or photo's are too large !
  11. It is a beautiful coin IMO. I have a few of them, & I just bought my 3rd $3 2010 Square coin, The Owl it's silver with gold plating & is the second time the mint has made a square $3.00 coin. The firstis called 'the beaver' & if you can find one for sale it'll cost you in excess of $200.00 to buy.
  12. 'geordie' Anything else is semantics! (in reality there are only two grades:- wanted & not wanted I definately agree with the above remark . as a Canadian I have.... more than 1 coin graded by ICCS out of Toronto. I'm not saying they're better than other services, I have a PCGS slab side or 2 as well as having owned other 'graded coins'. Which in many advertisements by sellers of these "high graded coins" claims to be " the standard in coin grading" But I'm not a big fan of the slabs, as a matter of fact I don't like them. I also don't like that there is IMO no consistancy b
  13. I would be grateful for some information regarding this coin if posible. In particular grade, value and history. Good day Rob THe previous posters are much kinder than I am. I believe your coin to be no better than VG. there is too much wear at the top of the "E" in cent & the letter "N" is also badly worn,then there are the scratches all over with the deep one running between 'one & cent', corrosion & dent/dings in the edge. THe jewels in her crown, actually all the high points are quite worn. THe fine hair detail is not observable in the photo, even blown up 4 times the
  14. Anyone please ? The photo's are easier to look at. You have a 'steel' 5 cent piece. Besides the 'NSF' or 'SF' 5 cent pieces, there is another characteristic called near or far maple leaves. You have a Near leaf version. That being the maple leafs on the reverse are closer to the denticles on the outer edge of the coin. I cannot tell if it is a shoulder fold or No Shoulder fold from the photo's...& I blew it up to 4 times the size you posted. If i could see the letter "I" clearly in the "DEI" part of the coin i could tell you for sure. But you can do it yourself possibly. I
  15. Hi just another note about your coin. On Friday past, I got my 2011 Charlton Coin book of Canadian coins. There is an absolutely fabulous section of over 80 pages in the book on Canadian pennies from 1858 to 1900. With huge scans of the issued coins, various defects & great info on the dies used, recognised individual repunched dies & the coins these had created. If you are thinking of learning about Canadian Large cents from this period...this is without a doubt best information all in one place I have come across....& NO I do Not work for, nor am I asociated in any way with t
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