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New Guy From Oklahoma!

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New Guy Here From Oklahoma!


I've been collection coins since I was in my teens, still in my 20's so it hasn't been that long I guess.


I'm not very knowledgeable, I guess I would be horrible collector since I usually buy coins I think are interesting and neat looking.


Nonetheless, I'm very impressed with this forum. I'm hoping to do some research on what I've already acquired and a very large collection I just picked up from an estate sale.


I a part of several forums and I promise to search to my up most ability before I start asking simple and dumb questions :)


Thanks Again!

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Welcome. I've been collecting since I was 12 or so, about 50 years now. I am a knowledgable numismatist with publications and a book or two under my belt. I only buy coins that I think are interesting and neat looking. I also search for items that tell a story. Don't worry about sounding stupid, simple, or dumb. There are no dumb, simple, or stupid questions and you will see all of us here ask questions that you might find simple to answer. Have at it, learn from us, allow us to learn from you, and have fun. You are among friends.

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