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Two unidentified beautiful Russian medals


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Good Morning.


I have in my collection two unidentified bronze medals.


100% are Russian


And I know - its more then this two.


Maby somone help me - if they are worth


And maby somone have similar




Year - 1829




- 65mm






Year - 1828




- 65mm



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Maybe somone know how many medals in this series minted?

beatiful medals, if for sale write to my PM, thanks

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RW Julian - Thank You for information ;):ninja:



Does this catalogue include prices of medals?


Collecting all 12 - that would be incredible.


This would be a great collection. They have 65mm in diameter.


However, since I have them - I have seen them only once in the Internet

the third of this series - the Balkans.


I do not have extensive contacts all over the world - so collecting the

series is rather impossible to me.


I collect Swiss shooting medals.


Maybe I could buy a few shooting medals when I sell these ones? (of

course if they are worth a lot).

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I have no chanse taking this series ;):ninja:


to give you a boost on this series - same medals from silver cost very well few times more than same from bronze ;)

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are your shooting medals cost about as these ones' :ninja:

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I make big photo and for a while..

This its something black thing on mendal Maby ts easy to remove, but I never clean the coins and medals.

RW Julian - so this two are rare or not?

All of the 12 medals in copper have the same rarity in the Diakov work, scarce (R1). I would

perhaps say that Diakov’s “scarce” is somewhat conservative and think that “scarce to rare”

might be better.



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Oh no :ninja: My Swiss shootinng medals are from 50 to maby 300$

you can have a chance now to get more shooting medals then ;)

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One-kuna - Yes but one condition: If I find Bayer... Price - auction in Russia - its nothing because in Russia its loot people who collect Russian Medals... On ebay price maybe 500 dollars - maybe 5 dollars... :ninja:


RW Julian - You are Very helpful - Thank You again.


IgorS - I make Very big photo. On medal its 3 black things. Its on the medal. On left wing, under legs of the edge and on edge in left side.












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Still looks suspicious. Is the medal in your possession? Did you try a "ding" test? Does it make a dull thud or a nice ringing sound?


Yes, I just picked it up. It does not thud. I'll compare the pitch to objects of comparable size later tonight.


It's a good looking medal but a bit lumpy - kid of lens shaped, and it is 165 grams! That's at least 30 grams overweight. What do you think of that?


On an unrelated note, can anyone post large pictures of the medallion in MIM Аукцион № 43. Лот № 61?



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