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  1. The Carson City Mint did not open until January 1870. These dollars with the wrong mintmark/date combinations are mostly made in China.
  2. I have been tied up on other matters for a few days (including a trip to the Central States show in Chicago) and not able to respond. My maternal grandfather was Charles E. Girard (1864-1945), the source for the name. One must eventually sell off a collection and I began to do so several years ago but used the Girard name as I was still editor of the Russian Journal. It had originally been intended to use the Girard name for this sale but I decided to use my own for this and the coming November sale. The November sale will basically be the type coins as well as a fair number of the scarcer pieces. The collection had reached about 4500 pieces, including both Soviet and Imperial, in 2006; the first sale was in November 2006. I began collecting Russian material in 1952, when there was little interest, but times have changed. Many of the pieces, such as the Georgian 1807 half abazi (one other known, in the Hermitage) or the 1775 Moscow rouble, have long fascinated me but it is time for others to enjoy these coins as I have done for so many years.
  3. I was unaware of the 1806 AT listing until you mentioned it on this forum. The R4 listing by Bitkin is a guess on his part; he also lists novodels (per Uzdenikov) for the Georgian series but I doubt that any exist. He says, for example, that the 1807 AT double abazi is a novodel but it is not; it is definitely a fake.
  4. It is likely a counterfeit, though above average. There is an 1807 AT Two Abazi that is false but was accepted as genuine by Giel-Ilyin in their 1904 reference; it is illustrated in the RNS Journal summer 2008, page 67.
  5. And here is another one who doesnt read a members post fully before he comments. The original post was not well stated. Until it was clarified, I took it the same way as BobH.
  6. My printed catalogue arrived in the mail today.
  7. I was in semi-regular contact with Tom until about 18 months ago. He was then working on an update to the copper book but it is now clear that his illness prevented the completion. It is a loss to all collectors that this planned work was not finished.
  8. B. F. Brekke standing outside his home on the island of Fyn (Denmark), June 26, 1971. I had the pleasure of visiting him for a few days and took this photograph before leaving. ..................
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