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San Francisco Merchant Token

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The token covers just about everything you might want to buy. Struck in aluminum at a date still to be determined. Anyone have any ideas as to who LWR might be?

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From "The Free Dictionary" (.com): LWR =


LWR Lower

LWR Lutheran World Relief

LWR Light Water Reactor

LWR Locally Weighted Regression

LWR Line Width Roughness (engineering)

LWR Laser Warning Receiver

LWR Long-Wave Radiation

LWR Launch When Ready

LWR Lakeland & Waterways Railway

LWR Long Wavelength Redundant Camera

LWR Local Wage Rate

LWR Lab Work Request (reporting)

LWR LASINT Warning Receivers

LWR Link Wavelength Requirement


My personal choice is Launch When Ready.


I want to know why the letters E, J, O, Q, V and XYZ were not included in the spiral list on the reverse. Clear discrimination.

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I guess my choice would be Locally Weighted Regression (my behavioralist past).


I agree and want to know why as well. One could think of:



Jelly Bellies

Oriental Foods



and Haight-Ashbury (generally XYZ, or as the San Francisco restaurant, XYZ, says: Local. Organic. Sustainable. Wherever. Whenever Possible.)

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