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Unpublished Straits Settlements Coin - Unique or fake?


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I present an interesting coin from my collection:


Straits Settlements, 1/4 Cent Edward VII. Year 1916 (!!)


It could be a mule, but as I know the catalogue of Pridmore doesn't know it.


The 1/4-Cent is normally a copper-coin, my coin looks like a silver-coin (maybe silver-plated).


Can anybody help me classifying this coin?



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The 1916 1/4 cent was a George V issue. One possibility is a 1906 trial that got out with an incorrect date. There were no issues dated 1906, so this would just be wishful thinking. I'm assuming your coin is the bottom one in the second photo.


Looking at your photos, either you have a landscape setting on your camera, or the coin is too over-worn on the middle devices than the outer rim. That's just not right. I would need to see the full rim and larger photos to give a definite answer.


Based on the photos, I would say the coin is not authentic.

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portrait looks very poor, comparted to the legend and crown.


Yes, it is. A possibility maybe that it had been re-carved? I wonder what a quick dip in acetone would produce. I know that some ancients have been re-carved with plastics, maybe somebody was testing their skills.


For the OP:

I notice that the coin "appears" pitted/porous in the fields. Does it look like something ate away at the coin on these areas, or does it look like someone hammered a nail into these holes?

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Dear kopronymos,



I also have a 1916 Straits Settlement 1/4 cent showing Edward VII. Mine is in copper. Like yours, it has a reeded edge. (It is not the slightest bit corroded.).


Please see http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=133798





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