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  1. Hi Frank, It's been a long time! I like die caps, so, your India 1995 piece is most interesting to me. My best, Bill Snyder
  2. Can someone help me identify this 21+mm (diameter), 1mm (thick), copper piece? As you see, it has been double struck. Also, one side has raised devices; the other side has incuse devices. Thank you, Bill
  3. Dear kopronymos, I also have a 1916 Straits Settlement 1/4 cent showing Edward VII. Mine is in copper. Like yours, it has a reeded edge. (It is not the slightest bit corroded.). Please see http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=133798 Regards, Bill
  4. Many of the coins posted here are really interesting. I especially like the high grade pieces, and those that are closely tied to some historical event. (Say,Irish GunMoney or countermarked British crowns). Maybe once in a while, some viewers might enjoy something on the lighter side, like these two mis-struck 1717 halfpennies - http://i43.tinypic.com/14xf0bm.jpg http://i39.tinypic.com/2ia7evp.jpg Bill
  5. I too was saddened by the news! Though Tom and I were often competitors in Markov auctions, he was always willing and happy to share information on Russian copper coins, and on coin collecting in general. Bill
  6. There are some Russian coins included in an upcoming auction in Belgium on November 12 and 13. (Generally lower grades, but maybe something of interest). Here is a link direct to the Russian section - http://tinyurl.com/66b8te5 Bill
  7. Hi - I collect silver and copper coins of mainland (Segovia, Madrid, Seville, etc) Spain, dating from Ferdinand & Isabella to Isabella II. (Not the cob issues, generally) If you have a similar interest, please reply here or to me at billsnyder2000@yahoo.com. Many thanks, Bill
  8. Many thanks for the approximate current value, BKB! I will pass it on. Bill
  9. A new friend has asked me about this 1762 ruble. "Value, etc?" Any quick advice and/or estimate for him? Many thanks, Bill
  10. Over 100 pre-1900 Doublestrikes and full brockages will be sold on May 1. There are dramatic errors from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and more! I've been collecting these for over 30 years! Time to let go! Go to http://www.WorldErrors.com for links to the photos, descriptions, and info on placing mailbids! Thanks, Bill Snyder
  11. QXseries, Right. I'll scan this one at 2400 dpi too. Maybe it WILL disclose something hidden by the 2nd strike. Good idea. Bill P.S. - Sometime in June though. We are off to visit the 'kids' this very weekend.
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