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GOETZ: K-406 Parona Bavariae

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1928, Cast Bronze Medallion, 120mm, 377.9g


Obverse: Within a pearled border the Patrona Bavariae.(Mother of Bavaria) is seated on a crescent in clouds with radiant child seated in her lap. Patrona holds a scepter and the child holds the royal orb. Inscription: “ Mother Barvaria, Pray for Us.” An incised “KG” can be under clouds on the left and on the crescent.


Reverse: Within pearled border is the secular Bavarian Coat of Arms (Greater Coat-of-Arms / großes bayerisches Staatswappen) surrounded by the inscription ‘A Sovereign Bavaria within the German Reich.” Dated 1928


This piece was also made in Struck bronze and silver 60 & 36 mm, also in gold 36 & 60 mm.


This is a deeply personal work of the artist. It gathers together the threads of his convictions, loyalties and faith. Goetz the artist and middle class burgher was a devout Roman Catholic and an unrepentant supporter of the Bavarian Royal Family and remained a German patriot until the end. His quiet faith and loyalty remained unwavering through all the tumult, despair & betrayals of 20th century German history. In style this beautifully worked piece is obviously linked to the long series of 18th & 19th c. Bavarian Madonna-talers. Here Goetz creates a lovely reprise of the German Baroque.


An intricate and beautifully sculpted/modeled medallion whose spiritualism, catholic imagery, and sincere sentiments are a reflection Goetz' own deeply held religious and political values.



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